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Success for Chronic Onset Leukemia

Older woman with chronic onset leukemia and 8 years of stress. Checked every 3-6 months by hematologist-oncologist. Neutropenia. Waiting for it to go very wrong “inevitably” and then chemo.

Suspect for Intra Wbc infection because of those 2 symptoms. Alike anaplasma (etc.) and vira. Checked with Giemsa stain for anaplasma, Ehrlichia, rickettsia, mycobacteria, df for Lymphotropic Virus. Was bitten by tick indeed no red ring. Got something that looked exactly like anaplasma (couldn’t read the number plate) and intra RBC mycobacteria (chronic cough) or more likely bartonella.
Treated for Intra WBC (and RBC) infections with mswps plasma and contact and modulated immune system with… healthy food.

Calls me to say months later that after all those years all blood values are normal suddenly. They even needed to re-check the values and redo the tests. The doctor can’t explain it. “But that’s you,” he said to her. Cough also a whole lot better (that is mostly not one thing in elderly… ever)

I won’t take credit for it. I only try to improve statistical luck. But it is nice to hear. Chances are better with extra luck provided.

Source: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/success-for-chronic-onset-leukemia/