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Spooky2 Testimonial: Spooky2 helped my wife and changed our lives Leave a comment

I learned about Royal Rife about 18 months ago and was investigating the purchase of a Rife machine, however, they were all too expensive.
Then one day I was listening to a radio interview where someone spoke about a Rife machine that was relatively inexpensive and not only that, it had this thing called remote mode where you could derive the benefits without the use of tens pads. I emailed the host and received
a link to the Spooky2 XM generator starter kit.

I promptly placed an order and waited excitedly for my new purchase. The day before I received the package, my wife fell and broke her kneecap. She was in excruciating pain, but thinking that she had just bruised it, she iced and waited. The day we received the Rife, she went
into the ER and received the diagnosis – a fractured patella. When we got home I read up on how to use the machine and got the software and
drivers installed. I connected up the tens pads and did a search and sure enough, there was a program for the fractured patella. She was
skeptical, but the pain made her willing to try anything.

Reading the quick start guide, I gingerly followed the instructions, connected the tens pads above and below the knee, and turned on the
unit. Within 10 seconds she asked, “Did you turn it on? I have no pain”. WOW – just like that! She was amazed. We were both believers.

I studied a little more about the remote mode and how to use it and the first time we hooked it up – the same results! Within 5 seconds, the pain would disappear. With the freedom of not having to be “chained” to the Rife machine, we ran treatments for her for 4 hours a day and when we went in for her first checkup – the specialist was amazed – he said that she was more than half healed and that he had not seen anyone heal that quickly. “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it,” he said. We explained to him about the Rife machine – he seemed interested but skeptical.

Her second visit to the specialist a few weeks later resulted in a diagnosis of complete healing – they could not even tell where the
injury had occurred. Complete healing had taken about 2/3 of the expected healing time under normal circumstances.

Since then, we have used the Rife for general health, DNA repair, sprains, allergies, a broken metacarpal, and my mother’s Parkinsons, all
with similarly amazing results.

I am so grateful that this product is affordable and love its flexibility. Thank you Spooky for the time and dedication to releasing
this previously hidden technology to the masses and also for the support groups and webinars to educate us on how to use the product

Brian Ross


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