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We Could Increase Some Acid and Enhanced Its Property in the Special Scalar Field

Dear John and Spooky2 team,

At first, I’d like to express my gratitude for you and your team since you provide such wonderful and powerful digital tools at such affordable prices. Since I bought ‘Metatron sakura’ at an exorbitant price, so it’s quite unbelievable.

I’m a newcomer to the Spooky2 community. Actually I have already known Dr. Rife and used a Rife machine released by another company for more than one year. To be honest, I was disappointed by the machine because I could not recognize the effects as many people and books mentioned when I was using it for my family members. I really want to know the reason why I cannot attain the same results as Dr. Rife did. I have been searching for the reasons since then. When I found Spooky 2.com and watch the videos, I realized the reason. So I bought GX, XM generators, and Scalar. Now I’m doing some exciting experiments with myself, my family member and friends.

Let me introduce myself here a bit. I am a medical doctor working in Japan with my specialty in Endocrinology and Japanese Kanpou-medicine (originally derived from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Even though I started my career as a western medicine doctor, I shifted my interest to Eastern medicine and preventive medicine about 10 years ago and I learned Japanese-Kanpur medicine under my supervisor 7-8 years ago. In the meantime, I went to Switzerland to study Jungian psychology for two years. Now I get myself more involved in Kanpou-medicine, which seems to me more natural, effective and suitable for patients with difficult illnesses when I am working at a clinic.

I am also using ‘Metatron-Sakura’ (made by Russian scientists) to make an NLS diagnosis for persons who are suffering from undiagnosed illnesses at my private counseling room. Metatron is superior to show the possible causes of the illness, however, it alone exerts little effects on the sick tissues or organs. So I combine the Metatron with our order-made electro-wired wooden bed, which has three pieces of very important stone on it (I attach the picture. The stone is quite unique and can hold lots of information when we set the ‘Yuragi field’ (its dimension starts from 700 to infinite using our methods). Using the special bed, we can imprint the personal information in the stone when using Metatron. After doing the imprinting, when we use Metatron with the treatment mode (meta therapy mode) (of course let the client lie down on the bed), I found that we can exert powerful effects on the persons which we could not experience before. When we use Metatron, we also change the ‘Hadou’ of it.

Yesterday, several people came to my place for doing ‘Hadou-study’. We studied Dr. Rife and Dr. Naessens who found some acid. In the study, I introduced Spooky2 products to them (scalar and GX, XM generators). Some of them seem to have already considered purchasing. We carried a very interesting experiment with Spooky Scalar and our special bed (we have added the ‘Yuragi field’ to the scalar field ). We prepared three pieces of glass with fresh enzyme juice in it and put one of them between the Scalar field (its dimension ranges from 500 to 700) and the Yuragi field (its dimension starts from 700 to infinite). When we drink each glass, all participants could tell the differences and we realized we could increase some acid and enhanced its property in the special Scalar and Yuragi field. Very interesting experiment????

In the future, I am going to set up a social organization to provide health information and hope to provide an opportunity to study health. Hope to see you in Japan ( I’m now living in a village located in Nara prefecture)

This is my HP URL.
httpsmultipledemensional-medicaldoctor.com ( sorry, only written in Japanese)

I wish you all good luck,
Best regards,