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Dysmenorrhea & Endometriosis

From the start, in my teens, my menstrual cycles were debilitatingly painful often leaving me bedridden. My cycles were irregular, I lost a lot of blood, and the pain was unbearable, not to even mention the full-body acne. For many years I assumed this was normal as these things don’t get talked about. After a number of years I went to my doctor and had some tests done. Everything came back normal and since there was no apparent medical explanation my doctor put me on the contraceptive pill and told me this would regulate my cycles, shorten them from 7 days to 4 or so, reduce bleeding and also control the acne. It could potentially reduce pain but in my case it did not, I was also instructed to skip the sugar pills (i.e. skip the menstrual cycle) and keep taking the hormones as long as I allowed the cycle to complete a few times per year. In these instances I would have to take pain medication in order to continue to study and work. After many years of this I started reading about the potential negative effects of the contraceptive pill and decided that I no longer wanted to take them. I had also spoken to a friend who told me that my experience is identical to hers except her doctors did more tests than mine and told her she had Endometriosis. About this time I had started using the S2 system, and when I tried the S2 on my painful periods i found relief. The S2 reduces my pain to almost nothing, and I hope is resolving the underlying problem also as it seems to be making them more regular and shorter as well. I no longer take any medication for this at all and will continue with the S2.