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Yeast infection objectively reduced

Having had a long term history with candida and yeasts, I decided to obsessively rife many sets using contact mode for candida, mold and yeast. I tried the Candida Albicans 1 set on contact through a killing shell. During the session, I physically felt blockages in my digestive tract being removed. So That was enough of a reason for me to keep running that set. I now have an improved digestive system as a result. I also got busy with attacking yeasts, mold and funguses of many types. I was astonished to taste the dead yeast fragrance coming up out of my lungs which showed me that the yeasts in my lungs was being attacked and killed, and that was just with contact mode. One Tens pad on the back of right wrist, and one on the outside of the left ankle. The next day my urine smelled strongly of dead yeasts, suggesting to me that the dead yeasts were being taken out of my body after rife killing through the organs of elimination. So I have faith that if I carry on on this trajectory, my issues will decline and I will progress in health. These experiences demonstrate to me that Rife was right. Frequencies can be used to help kill pathogens. If you persevere, you can have improvement in your condition if you do the right frequency sets for your condition. As Spooky2 has numerous different scan methods, it becomes easier to build the right frequency sets for you. And with much less of a need to buy supplements and herbs to help control the infection. Thank you Spooky2 !!