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You take the biofeedback numbers returned and run them. They are the best frequencies to use, as they are the frequencies that elicited the strongest response.

There’s no way to put a label on them with accuracy.

As for consistent frequencies returned, when you do back to back scans, you can plot the results and see that they are nearly 100% the same. There will be slight variations, but the pattern of the graph is the same.

On another day, the same scan may yield a different plot, but back to back scans on that day will plot the same.

The body and the process is simply a moving target. You will never get the same 20 numbers back over and over with repeatability.

However, this does not mean you won’t see exact hits repeat. You can draw a statistical match over the data.

What I have seen so far is just pure amazing.

I’ve used the pulse method to address co-infections on my back without knowing the targets, and without use of existing frequency sets. It worked well (documented on user forum) but not as fast as the results I’ve seen using the new methods.

With the GX method, I herxed (and I rarely herx anymore) 5 hrs into use of my first scan results.

I was able to knock out my sciatica in 12 hours after a targeted scan of just my lower left calf. 2 days later, still doing good. No other variables for what I was trying for weeks to address were changed.

I have scanned my daughter for the first time ever in 5 minutes, and as of this morning it already is manifesting results.

Too early to call everything, but just scan and use the results.

Disclaimer: I obtain the top 10 hits using current, 10 using analyse angle, and the top 10 using analyse angle+current. Then I remove duplicates to apply.

I find that angle+current will usually be duplicates of mostly the angle hits, but some current hits, but usually add about 2-6 unique frequencies.

That’s just a little over an hour, to 1.5 hrs max worth of frequencies.

I’m not sure which method is better, so I am combining them all for now.

Then I run them in the Killing (R) – JK preset via remote on GX.

If you do not get at least 10 hits from the current scan, change the filter threshold from .4 to .1, and reanalyse the file to pull out more data. Hits over .4 via current are significant, but many will see hits in the .1 to .2 range.

After my initial scan that produced large hits, most of my hits lately have been in the .2-.3 range using current.

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Authored by: Jeff Kaczor

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