The new released Spooky2 software 20170308 has almost 41,000 programs in four factory databases - Main, Molecular Weight, Human Base Pairs, and Non-Human Base Pairs (optional), plus those in your custom file. You can check the Spooky2 Program List from:

Some users said that they no longer find the programs used before, that’s because we have combined the duplicate programs into one program to save space. We leave one of them in the program list, and add the rests in the Program Description, right after the “Other uses”. So “Other Uses” are programs which are the duplicated programs that were all combined to save space in the database.

For example, I want to run Success program. After searching, I can’t see Success program in the program list. But I find Success is in the description of Planet - Jupiter program. So I can run Planet - Jupiter for Success too.

In a word, when you can’t find the program you used before, please check the description of the programs in the searching results.