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Why Can’t I Find the Program Used Before? Leave a comment

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Some users said that they no longer find the programs used before. Are these programs deleted?

In recent years, the classic database of Spooky2 has been reduced to give space to the new database (MW, Base Pare and DNA). Previously it was possible that there were several programs with identical frequency/frequencies (e.g., at 10 Hz that corresponded to the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, pain, migraine, etc.) Currently, all programs that have identical frequencies, have been deleted (except for what was considered the most representative: e.g., liver). All other programs are however mentioned in the Program Description notes. (Other uses: pancreas, gallbladder, pain, migraine, etc.). “Other uses” are programs which are the duplicated programs that were all combined to save space in the database.

Therefore, in cases like this, it is possible that when you perform the search for one program on the software, you will not obtain any apparent result. To overcome this problem, please try this method:

Write the entry in the “Search” box of the Programs folder. If you do not find it in the list, most likely this word is, as already mentioned, in the Program Description notes.

Here is an example: assume you want to search for “nervous system.”

  • Write these two words in “Search” and you will find out no result of this program.
  • Click each searching result to see whether “nervous system” is after “Other uses” in the Program Description.
  • You will find in the notes of “Liver”: Other uses: pancreas, gallbladder, pain, migraine, ADD, alertness increase, nervous system, jet lag, circadian rhythm, hangover, relaxation/mood/sleep, nicotine withdrawal, self-healing, spiritual wisdom.
  • At this point just click twice on “Liver” to be able to use the desired program.

Naturally, the same method should be applied if the program includes more frequencies.

In a word, when you can’t find the program you used before, please check “Other uses” in the Program Description notes of the searching results.

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