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Does Spooky2 Remote Really Work for Killing Virus And Bacteria? 2

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Spooky2 Remotes create two opposing fields (transverse waves) that cancel each other out. Much like Bose noise canceling headphones (a real world phenomena that can be observed).

This has the effect of either rendering nothing (common skeptic’s approach regardless of doing any further investigation) or leaving behind the infamous scalar field — a standing wave which contains information of the amplitude and frequency with no direction of travel — using the classic physics definition of a scalar wave here.

The quantum entanglement is not created by the remotes. This is inherent to the DNA sample. However, the information left behind after colliding two transverse waves appears to have an effect on the DNA.

I like to use the following analogy.

If you use plasma, contact, PEMF, etc. to transmit the frequencies, it is akin to listening to a song played from a CD.

When you use remotes, it is akin to downloading the digital file that represents the song directly from the CD.

Both contain information that describe the melody. From both, one can obtain a sense of what is being described.

When you download the information of the “song” directly to every cell in the body, you effectively are trying to change the nature of the environment. New information is being exposed and again a place that every skeptic loves to dig in to make arguments, you effectively manifest a new reality.

Power is not a factor here like with active methods (Plasma, contact, etc). You do need enough power to create a standing field that can penetrate the DNA sample of choice however.

As for whether it actively directly kills or re-energizes the cells, I think both are possible.

Personally, I have been able to kill mold samples with the use of a remote. I was able to replicate the same mold death using plasma. The outcome was the same using both methods.

So now that you have a model to work from, I hope you are able to work towards validating the effects and methods personally.

Remotes operate under poorly understood means, and for some this means that they don’t work.

For others, they observe changes and while they can not explain it, doesn’t change that fact.

For some, they may be too busy with their confirmation bias (nothing happens) that even if a change did occur, they can’t observe or recognize it.

Spooky2 Remote

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/1030062790488957/

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  1. My understanding of cancer is that it is basically a mold variety, of which their are a vast amount. While many viruses and bacteria may aggravate the area that mold destroys or attacks, they are not necessarily the root cause of cancer. It is the this that decays or destroys most forms of living cells, including plants, trees, animals, people etc. Mold is the most powerful entity on the planet and will survive where most other species would die. It has been able to travel through space and live in a space environment as proved on our own orbiting objects in space. Once this attacks our body within, through entering a wound, hair follicle that has been removed or swallowed with food we eat etc, it is very difficult to treat due to the various types of mold, and its ability to overcome many diversities within its environment make it most difficult to treat. Has Spooky2 been proven to kill mold? Yes. Using Remote Treatments to do so. Quantum Destruction or Killing at its best. Need I say more. Coincidentally Colloidal Silver Water also destroys some mold varieties, viruses etc. So may be useful to include for most Treatments. As for detox effects include Vitamin “C”, multi-vitamin and Aloe Vera as part of your daily routine, the later increases the bodies ability to eliminate waste by the power of 10 due to its catalyst properties when entering the blood stream via digestion. It enhances your own metabolism abilities so much so it may cause loose motions, so be aware of this. Any constipation problems are assisted or eliminated. The human body must be treated using a Wholistic approach. Spooky2 does the Corrective Killing, Elimination and Healing work, but always use all the tools available. We are also what we eat. alcohol destroys vitamin “C”, best to avoid it while undergoing any Treat. Dr. Lady Cilento concluded after years of research that Vitamin “C” was the one thing the body must have plenty of to successfully remove toxins and kill viruses, her work has finally come full circle. This vitamin will even remove spider bite toxins very efficiently and its importance cannot be underestimated when removing viruses or a detox Treat is required.

    L. Dean England
    1. Thanks for your sharing.

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