A true Rife frequency is one that devitalizes. Whether you generate this directly, or via a sideband does not matter.

Dr Rife states only one frequency was necessary to devitalize an organism. He proved this over all the data he amassed, and only stated that two frequencies were required when dealing with TB. One for each form of TB -- virus and rod.

So this marketing ploy to say that a true rife machine must use a carrier and a side bands is pure bad information.

In some cases they are correct. If your plasma device has a frequency limit of say 400,000 kHz, then the only way you can hit the target MOR of 1.604 MHz for BX is via sidebands off a carrier.

This is more a testament to the capabilities of the device, nothing else.

Rife's first 3 machines were not sideband machines. Hoyland added this later and in my opinion messed everything up. He obfuscated what frequency was actually doing the work.

If researcher A had a carrier of 3.3 MHz, and researcher B had a carrier of 3.1 MHz, and both used a modulation value of 500 Hz, each would produce a unique set of frequencies.

One may have had results while the other did not. It doesn't take much thought to see the reason why.

Hoyland would send out different sets of carrier modulation values depending on the machine the person had to match it to produce the correct frequency. However, researchers did not know this and when they shared notes had different outcomes and it polluted the results and research.

Spooky2 Central/Plasma does not need a carrier because it is not limited to 400 kHz. It can go all the way to 3.5 MHz directly. This makes it operationally identical to the machine used by Dr. Rife to produce his cancer successes.

Conventional machines must use a fixed carrier to generate a sweep and then hit the cancer frequencies. Let's say 100 sidebands are produced. Sounds impressive, especially when the machine is billed as a 400-watt powerhouse.

This is where they trade on user ignorance. Spooky2 users know that every simultaneous frequency produced takes up a portion of the machine's power.

Over 99% of the power can be wasted on sidebands. Essentially less than 4 watts of power is targeting cancer, making the 400 watt specification less impressive.

Spooky2 Plasma doesn't use a fixed carrier. It can transmit the needed frequency directly, and this frequency gets all the power available - 40 watts. Making it at least 10 times more powerful than any other plasma machine operating Hoyland's generation scheme.

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Authored by Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/1046541722174397/