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In addition to offering multiple presets and over 60,000 programs, Spooky2 also allows you to create your own presets and programs to suit your specific needs. However, many people have questions about creating custom presets and programs. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled many resources in this blog to help you learn how to make them.

How to Create a Custom Program

While Spooky2 offers countless programs, sometimes you may want to run frequencies and programs different from those in the Spooky2 software. In such cases, you can create a custom program. For example, if you already know that you need frequencies like 40hz, 80hz, and 120hz, how can you edit these frequencies into a program? Please watch this video.

How to Edit a Custom Program

Once we have created our program, our appropriate frequencies may change as our health conditions improve. Therefore, you may want to re-edit your previously created program by adding new frequencies or deleting old frequencies. So, how do you edit a custom program? Please watch this video.

How to Delete a Custom Program

As we create and update more and more programs, we may no longer need some of our previous custom programs. To simplify the program search or avoid accidentally running the wrong program, we can delete the programs that we no longer need. Please refer to this video.

How to Make Your Own Presets out of Shell Presets

Suppose I have a cold, and after running several programs, I find that cold programs 1, 2, and 3 suit me the best. Is there a way to combine these programs into one preset? The answer is yes. Editing them into one preset can make it convenient for us to run them without having to search for programs under the program tab. Please refer to this page.

How to Create a Preset Chain

Sometimes, you want to run both healing and killing presets, then you can create a preset chain, which contains a series of presets and allows you to run killing and healing presets in one generator. In addition, you can also set the run time for each preset, enabling you to run specific presets at a specific time. Please read this blog for more information.

Finally, we hope this blog is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or contact our customer support team. We will do our best to help you. You can also find more related videos on the YouTube website to gain more knowledge.

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