There are two types of built-in presets in Spooky2 software: Factory Preset (already with frequencies in it) and Shell Presets (without frequencies). When we want to make our customized presets, we need to make them out of Shell Preset.

Let's say I feel a nasty cold or possibly influenza starting. Here's how Ican quickly build a Remote Mode preset for it.

First, I click the Presets tab. In the Presets column on theleft, I select >Shell (Empty) Presets. As you see above, thecolumn now displays everything contained in this collection.

Since I want a remote preset, I click the >Remote subcollection.

Next, I select the Killing (R) - JW preset. Its preset notesappear in the Notes column to the right, and its settings loadinto the Settings tab. Also, because this preset contains noprograms (I must add these myself in the next step), thedesignation “Shell Preset” appears above the Notes, and thePrograms column is empty. Now I click the Programs tab:

I’m coughing, my head is stuffy, and my chest is tight, so Ienter “cold” into the Search field, then choose appropriateprograms for these problems from the 35 results returned.

As I select each program, explanatory notes will usuallyappear in the Program Description pane (if necessary).To load each program I want, I simply double click it, and itwill appear in the Loaded Programs column on the lower leftof the tab.

So I return to the Presets tab, add some information for myself in the Notes column. Then, click the Save button.

The file save dialog above opens. Here, I’ve used the NewFolder command (highlighted pale blue) to create three newfolders first.

One is for my Contact Mode presets, one for Plasma, and onefor Remote.
When that’s done, I double click the Remote folder to see...

Nothing – because this is the first preset I’ve saved.

In the File Name field, I type:R Cold or Flu - DB and save it.

The “R” is to remind me that this is a Remote Mode presetwhen I’m working in the Control tab. I use “C” as the prefixfor Contact Mode, and “P” for Plasma Mode presets. Youshould replace “DB” with your own initials.

It’s very important to name your presets like this so there’snever any confusion about which mode it’s designed for - because inadvertently running contact or remote presets candamage a Spooky Central. Better to be safe than sorry.

Now when I return to Presets, I click the User button, then the >Remote sub-collection.And here’s my new preset. You can see its programs, its Estimated Total Run Time, and my own replacement notes.

Source: Spooky2 User's Guide 20161009