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Spooky2 Secret Angel 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Day — Spooky2 Secret Angel 2019 Leave a comment

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“Who is my secret angel?” Simi asked in the Spooky2 office. A bunch of beautiful violets was lying on Simi’s table.

“We don’t know.” Daisy laughed. Simi took a photo of the violets, posted it in Spooky2 group chat and said: “Love U, my lovely angel!”

After a while, the Spooky2 Team members chirped, a series of photographs springing up, showing all kinds of considerate gifts from their secret angels.

You may wonder what happened.

Actually, it is one of Thanksgiving Day activities – Spooky2 Secret Angel. It is held annually among Spooky2 Team members.

With all Spooky2 members’ names in a box, each person randomly chooses a piece of paper with a name on it. You will become the angel of the one you have picked. Being an angel, you need to secretly take care of the person in the next three weeks, doing whatever you can for him/her. Remember that you cannot let the person you guard know your identity. We won’t reveal who is your angel until Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day is a good opportunity to thank for the blessings in our lives and express our appreciation for each other. It allows us to view our world through a lens of gratitude. So in this activity, we hope everyone in Spooky2 Team can feel the deep love from other members. And then pass the love and passion to our Spooky2 users and society.

Happy Thanksgiving Day! May the love and joy always be with you.

What Thanksgiving gifts did you give? Welcome to share with us!

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