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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 31: Understanding Allergies Instead of Misunderstanding 2

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According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, 1 in 5 people, or an estimated 50 million Americans, suffer from some type of allergies.

Many believe that: ” the flu is considerably easier to get than allergies, that would only happen to allergic people. Flu on the other hand can affect anyone. Allergies are not caused by viruses but by allergens which are commonly found in seemingly harmless substances such as food, chemicals and airborne particles. These allergens would not cause unlikely reactions to every person but only to people who are allergic to them.”

What Is An Allergy?

An allergy is a disorder of the immune system that brings about an exaggerated reaction when our body gets in contact with foreign substances that are seemingly harmless. The foreign object that causes the body to react in an unlikely manner would only do so to people who are also allergic to that certain substance and not people who are not allergic to it. Allergies are due to hypersensitivity of the immune system that causes damaging responses that can affect the whole body. Some of the most common causes of allergies? Things like pollen found outdoors, animal fur, dust or particular foods.

Allergy symptoms occur when your body responds to allergens by producing a chemical called histamine, which works by helping to counteract the allergen. The immune system causes allergic reactions by producing Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies that cause widespread symptoms. There are several broad categories of allergies, which include:

  • Seasonal allergies (also called rhinitis or hay fever), usually worsening when pollen levels increase during the Spring or Fall
  • Perennial allergies, occurring year – round
  • Food allergies, such as shellfish allergies
  • Drug/medication allergies
  • Indoor allergies, such as to mold or dust
  • Skin or eye allergies
  • Pet/animal allergies, such as to dogs/cats, insects, etc.

Anaphylaxis is a life – threatening allergic reaction in response to a number of different allergens.

Causes of Allergies – Current medical view

Most allergies are caused eider by environmental factors (pollutants – allergens) or by the host factors – heredity, age, gender and race. Allergic parents are likely to have allergic children. Hygiene is also a major cause for some allergies as this brings bacteria that would later be the cause of allergies. Some of the most common causes of allergies include:

  • Pollen, from trees, plants and grass
  • Dust, including the kinds found around your home
  • Certain foods, especially those known to cause the most food allergies including gluten, dairy, tree nuts (especially peanuts), eggs, soy and shellfish
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Animal fur and dander
  • Mold
  • Certain medications, such as antibiotics, vaccines
  • Latex, such as the kind used to make latex gloves, etc

This ideas I mentioned as intro, are common medical beliefs, that are product of the state of medical science.

However, the causes to allergies are more subtle. Each human being has natural potential for perfect health but the balance of human systems can be disturbed. That means we have embedded in our system all that is needed to maintain perfect health, but in our daily reality it is not the case? Let us see why some people have allergic reactions and some don’t.

I did not have it for most of my life. Than my mother passed away. That was time I first experienced allergic reactions. My friends, medical doctors, recommend the best medications they knew but nothing worked. I suffered for 3 years. Then one architect, a friend sent me the article about natural liver cleanse, and that was at the time of rug – weed pollen season when I had severe allergic reactions so I could not work normally. This new detox practice was the turning point. I found for the first time in my life how much a liver detox can help, just within a few days I did not have any more allergic reactions that have burdened me for years.

The experience of regaining control over my health made me learn about detoxing all body systems and variety of detox methods. I tested and practiced it for years and finally become clear that nobody needs to be a victim of allergies forever. It is reversible. My research shows that allergies are primarily caused by accumulation of emotional stress then supported and enforced by physical stress – mainly pollutants/toxins and system exhaustion in other words when the body’s immune system is overworked and stressed, introducing an allergen sends the body – immune system into overreaction.

The allergy causes are variety of negative experiences combined: genetic/hereditary setup stressed by mental/emotional and physical/toxic environment create variety of allergic reactions, so we list them as different allergies. Stress plays a big part in the immune system, and unmanaged stress can lead to allergy symptoms.

But regardless of a specific personal allergy cause, the essence is: by detoxing the body and mind we remove the supporting environment of allergic process. If the immune system and inflammation within the body was balanced, the reaction to the allergen would be normal.

Our immune system does not have a reason to produce an allergic reaction to foreign material that does not belong to our body. So, this knowledge gives us the power to reverse allergic reaction of immune system to normal healthy functioning, naturally without harmful side effects of modern medications.

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  1. What programs should I run to balance the immune system and inflammation in the body?

    1. Hi, you can search with keywords under Program tab for immune system and inflammation. There are related programs for it.

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