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Solutions to Computer-related Problems While Using Spooky2 14

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I know many people, just like me before, have had computer-related problems while using Spooky, and I’d like to offer my solutions so that others also can have a smooth experience while using this wonderful software and hardware.

I’ve noticed two types of tech problems. In both of these cases the Spooky software will be interrupted and the connection with the generator(s) will be lost.

The first one is caused by people allowing Windows to auto-update and restart their computer. Also when they allow their computer to go to sleep.

The other type of problem has to do with USB-connections.

My computer runs Windows 10, so my description of where I look – and what I recommend users where to look – reflects what these are called under Win10.

USB-controllers have a Power saving setting, which default is on (active), in order for the computer to save power by deactivating usb-ports when it deems necessary.

Since the Spooky software constantly communicates with its hardware (generators, Spooky Central and Spooky Pulse) through usb-connections, we never want the computer to shut down a usb-connection in order to save power. So we have to make sure that it won’t happen. To achieve this, users have to deactivate the power saving feature for usb-connections.

My preferred way to do it is this:
Go to Computer Management (Local) > System Tools > Device Manager
You’ll see a list of items. We are only interested in those which are controlling USB.

I’ve found the following:
* Under “Human Interface Devices” open (double-click or hit the <Return> key) on “USB Input Device”. Click on the tab “Power Management” and make sure the checkbox “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” is not selected.

Do this procedure to the following items too:
* Under “Ports (COM & LPT)” open each and every “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge” and uncheck the Power Management checkbox for these too.
* Under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” open each item and where you’ll find Power Management options, uncheck its checkbox as well.

So here are my suggestions from scratch in order of preference to eliminate as many tech-related problems as possible:

1. Make sure that the usb-cable(s) and the usb-connector(s) on your computer are functional by for instance attaching a printer, hard drive etc for test purposes to see that these are working.

2. Make sure to fix/attach the usb-cables somewhere, so that those are not hanging loosely from the generators, usb-hubs etc. I noticed that a little pull or touching the cables can interrupt the connection, causing Spooky to give a Gen error message or Spooky Pulse to misbehave. Since I taped them to the enclosing box of my generators and tied them together from the usb-hub, these are much less error prone.

3.Update your Windows software so that you have the latest drivers etc.

4.Download the Spooky software but do not install it yet.

5.Go to system settings and deactivate the Windows auto-update settings.

6. Make sure the computer (Operating System and hard drive) never goes to sleep. Allow only the screen to go to sleep. If you don’t want the lid of your laptop to be constantly open, you can change the settings so that you can close the lid, and only the screen goes to sleep, not your OS and hard drive. That way no dust gathers on the keyboard and on the screen, and no one can accidentally push a button on the keyboard either.

7.Cut the internet – allow neither WiFi nor wired connection to your computer.

8. Go to “Device Manager”, double click (or hit <Return>) on each and every of the above mentioned usb-controller settings and uncheck the Power Saving setting for them.

9. If you have Spooky Pulse and plan to regularly do bioscans with it, connect it directly to a usb-contact – not a hub – on your computer. (Otherwise you need to stop all rifing activity, close the Spooky software, attach Spooky Pulse and restart the Spooky software to be able to do a scan.)

10. Install the Spooky software and run it.

I hope these steps will reduce or even completely eliminate your connection issues you might have.

Solutions to Computer-related Problems While Using Spooky2

Authored by: Damienn Danataus
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/837159326445972/

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  1. I was not able to find the Ports or Silicon Labs. I was also not able to deactivate auto Windows update. Any help with these would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Diana. Could you tell us Platform of your computer? 7,8 or 10? You can search Ports or Silicon Labs through Google or email us: [email protected], our service lady will help you.

    2. Yes I have the exact same issue and no one has replied here! Please help us!!

      1. Dear friend, so sorry to make you have a bad experience! Could you please take screenshots or videos to our official email address: [email protected]? We will provide you with specialized technical personnel to answer this question. Thanks for your understanding!

  2. i am having problems downloading spooky2 on new laptop (windows 10)

    1. Hi Debbie, may I know what problem happen on your laptop when downloading Spooky2? You can screen capture your laptop’s mistake and chat online through the bottom right corner, we will help you.

  3. I purchased genx and cant get it to work, gen x doesnt recieve the signal, software very difficult t figure out, seems you need to be a very experienced computer person to use spooky 2, not for someone that is ill and not knowledgeable in computers. I have spent many hours now watching spooky2 videos, messing with the computer software and am very frustrated,cannot get it to function properly.

    1. Sorry about that, Frank. You can call us 86-25-57037030, and our service lady will help you or face to face online.

  4. I am trying to run Terrain. I keep getting program is already running but it won’t open. I haven’t ran anything for weeks and cant figure out how to open Spooky2.

    I am not very computer savvy so I am sure it’s probably an obvious obersight but I have ran Terrain before.

    I have searched and googled and can’t find the answer.

    Can anyone help?

    Amy C St Mikael
    1. Hi, you are welcome to send your questions to [email protected], our customer service is willing to help you in time. And if you can take some photos or videos, it will be much better for us to know what wrong exists and help you better solve your questions.

  5. I’v just set up my Spooky2 and started the detox program in terrain and remote mode. It is running now but, all of a sudden, my monitor is showing vertical, grey lines and the only way to sort it, is to restart the PC but, as advised, the PC must never be switched off while a program is running. So now, I can’t see what’s going on, when the program will end, what the current status is etc.

    What can I do to remedy the problem since I can’t restart the PC while a program is running?

    1. Hi, could you send a photo to [email protected], so that we can have a further check with your question to provide better help?

  6. hello, I bought a brand new laptop with windows 10 to be able to run the spooky2 program (before I used it on my Mac, it run absolutely fantastic) I run terrain on one generator and I have massive problems to adjust programs for the second generator in remote, everything takes ages and the small windows wheel is spinning and nothing happens. what can I do to solve this problem? thank you in advance.

    1. Hi, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], better with some screenshots of your software, our support team will help you have a further check and help you ASAP:)

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