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Spooky G-scope & Spooky Large Tens Pad Released Leave a comment

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We are pleased to announce the release of our new Spooky G-scope & Spooky Large Tens Pad.

Spooky G-scope is a metal disk surrounded by a comfortable rubber holder. With Spooky G-scope, you now have the ability to view microscope organisms which you may have both inside your eye and covering your eye.

Spooky G-scope-1Spooky G-scope-2

This is the link of Spooky G-scope:

To know more about Spooky2 G-scope, please check the video from here:

Spooky Large Tens Pads provide a better contact with your skin, and more area for the power to enter into your body, making contact sessions more comfortable. For most instances, large Tens pads would be ideal.

spooky large tens pad

This is the link of Spooky Large Tens Pad:


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