Spooky2 20191123 Released 5

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20191123 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Updated: DH experimental presets. Courtesy of David Halliday and Bryan Yamamoto.
Updated: BY presets. Courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto.
Updated: BP databases to 20191121.

Fixed: Grade scans. A bug prevented a Grade Scan from returning loaded frequencies.
Fixed: Clicking on presets not always loading first time on slow PCs.
Fixed: Odd harmonic frequency limits for very high frequencies.
Fixed: Incorrect tooltip for generator log filenames.
Fixed: Preset parameters in some circumstances were not being saved correctly.
Fixed: Preset program listing clearing when program moved to bottom of sequence.

New: Amplitude ramping up and down speeds are now user defined for each generator.


New: Option to perform a biofeedback scan immediately after creating a baseline.

baseline before bfb

New: If a shell preset is not found, the current preset folder is also searched.
New: Spooky now highlights which program is currently running within a sequence.

Program sequence

New: Different voice options: Aubrey, Crystal, Kate, Mike and Paul.

Voice option

New: Added interlock to prevent editing of non-user presets.
New: Spooky monitor. If running, it gives an audible alarm if the Spooky software fails to respond. This utility is in early development. It can be found in the Spooky directory.
New: The option to back up the previous installation of Spooky is now optional.

Improved: Display of presets currently being run.
Improved: Audio control has been changed to support more Windows versions.
Improved: Display of Out 2 frequency when a generator is set to sync.
Improved: Global Start / Resume interlock.
Improved: Baseline creation is now always single scan.
Improved: Disabling of baseline creation if frequencies are loaded; Refine and Grade scans do not use a Baseline.
Improved: Database displays. If a database is selected and the file is not found, a dialog box opens to select a file.
Improved: Search text now also searches program frequencies.
Improved: Setting Max HRV to zero disables HRV checking during biofeedback scans.
Improved: Selecting program steps manually is now smoother.
Improved: Channel loading speed.
Improved: Editing a chained preset now retains other presets within the chain.
Improved: Display showing available presets is now faster.
Improved: The Loaded Frequencies variable within presets no longer needs to be terminated with a comma (,).
Improved: Program searches. Searching for frequencies only allows for commas in the search string prefix and suffix.
Improved: Resume function now saves run time.

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  1. There is a bug in the program. If it does not find any generators when you load the program, it displays and speaks the message, “no generators found, do you want to exit and load the drivers”. No matter which you click on, yes, no or cancel, it says no and continues to load the software.

    1. Hi, you can click cancel and then exit the software.

  2. Is this fixed and good to download yet?

  3. 23NOV release seems to have a problem when loading programs to a second generator (in this case GX 4) after loading programs to the first generator (in this case GX 5). After successfully loading the first generator (5) and obtaining the correct run time for the programs loaded, the second load to generator (4) does not transfer the correct run times. Example: An 18 min program transfers in as 00:01:12 (just over 1 min). A program 8-9 hours long comes in with a 15-20 minute run time.

    1. We suggest that you can send your questions to our mailbox through photos or videos, and we will have a service to handle this for you

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