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Improving the Accuracy of Your Biofeedback Results 36

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If you want to perform an extremely accurate Biofeedback scan, baseline is necessary. Baseline could disregard electrical noises, Wi-Fi signals and any other issues that may affect your scan and make your scan results even more accurate.

You are recommended to stick the two TENS pads together during baseline if you want to do a biofeedback scan with TENS Pads. However, John White recently stumbled upon that your scan result will be more accurate if you connect the TENS pads to your body during baseline.

An Accidental Discovery
During the weekend, John performed biofeedback scans on a couple of people.

The first person has deteriorating health. In recent years, his ability to balance and talk fluently has declined. Doctors had told him that his brain is lacking in oxygen.

John did a baseline first, but didn’t connect the TENS pads together as we recommend. Instead, he did the baseline with the TENS pads attached across his stomach, using the GX General Biofeedback Scan (C) – JW preset. A few minutes into the baseline, John realized his error, but decided to continue anyway, to see what happens. After the baseline was completed, he did the scan without moving the TENS pads.

The first thing John noticed was that there were not many hits. No surprise there. But the few hits reported were right on the money.

Then John did a Reverse Lookup. According to the report, “Hypoxia Brain” is exactly what this person has!

Thinking this might be something important, John scanned the second person using the same procedure. This person is a heavy smoker, and is currently feeling under the weather.

This result was scary because it found the Royal Rife frequency for severe condition. And this person smokes about a packet a day.

We know that Reverse Lookup is not a diagnostic tool, but it would appear that this new method of doing a biofeedback scan improves the accuracy of the results by an order of magnitude.

How to Do Biofeedback Scan Using This Method
It is important to perform a scan as quickly as possible after the creation of a baseline. And with this new method, the TENS pads are not moved.

So you can sit and have a baseline, and then click Scan button immediately after doing the baseline. Try to keep your TENS Pads as still as possible.

With this in mind, John added a new checkbox to allow this.

Download the latest software Spooky2 20191123 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Place two TENS Pads where you want to scan.

Open your software.

Go to the Presets tab, click >Biofeedback>GeneratorX and choose the preset you want.

Go to the Control tab, click “Overwrite Generator” and choose your generator for a scan.

Tick Baseline Before BFB, and then click the Scan button in the biofeedback scan panel.

baseline before bfb

Now, a biofeedback scan will be automatically performed when you finished the baseline.

Let’s try the new scan method now! Comment below and share your scan experience with us.

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  1. how close where the tens pads on the stomach? thx for sharing

    1. Hi, for tens pad, it is recommended to place at least 5cm.

      1. From this “new method” I understand from the above description, that the tens pads should be TOGETHER and thus not 5 cm apart?

        1. Yes, you are right:) Any questions, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team is willing to help you at any time!

  2. I suppose I can do this also with the hunt and kill feature (SD). I am testing it now with a normal baseline (yesterday) and today with the new method. Both with the SD (hunt and kill). I am waiting for the results now.

  3. I tried doing baseline this way 2x now. But after doing yhe Feedback scan i save the scan under clients name.
    But when saved how can i use the redults to perfom a reverse lookup??

    1. Hi Peter, please check this link for how to do reverse lookup: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/spooky2-reverse-lookup/

  4. interesting. So do you recommend to to the baseline on the body instead of sticking the pads together?
    What about the baseline with the SD? If I do a scan with the SD I do always a baseline with the plates without blood, then I put a drop of blood between the Plates and do the scan. Should I do the baseline with the blood between the plates like the connected body with the tens pads?

    1. Hi, scan result will be more accurate if you connect the TENS pads to your body during baseline and we also recommend to put sample in to do baseline using sample digitizer.

  5. I did this by mistake and actually showed very accurate results

  6. I’m confused. I always attach the tens pads to the abdomen on the generator x. I’ve always kept them still. Can we get a video of this explanation to understand the old versus new way of doing the biofeedback scan so we can get the most accurate scan? Thank you.

    1. Hi, this link is for previous baseline: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/performing-extremely-accurate-biofeedback-scan-using-baseline/
      For the new one, we recommend to put tens pad on your body instead of sticking them together. Wew will make new videos for it soon in coming days.

  7. so this won’t work on the old generator pulse scan

    Peter Van Hoeve
  8. I’ve done several BFB scans, with and without the baseline and in every case there were no matches for the frequencies found. Am I doing something wrong or can anyone please advise?

    Richard Petrucelli
    1. The general rule is to go ahead and run the freqs. Reverse Lookup is not an accurate tool for diagnoses. If you’re doing a Tens pads scan, you put the pads in proper location, run the baseline. then run the list of “hits”.

  9. Reverse Lookup doesn’t provide any sort of a diagnosis. What it actually does is to search the Spooky2 database to find frequencies within the tolerance you specify.
    For more details, please go to this link: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/understanding-reverse-lookup/

  10. Would this work with an XM Generator?

    Robert Curlette
    1. XM Generator doesn’t need to do baseline

    2. yes, work with an xm generator

  11. Hi there,

    I would like to establish when it is necessary to clear the baseline. Would this be for each new scan? Or can you keep ticking the baseline before scan checkbox and select Baseline on each scan. I would say that you would definitely clear out the baseline if you were changing over to a new person being scanned. Can I have some clarity on this please – it is such a great way to get accurate results. Thank you very much.

  12. No. The rule is run the freqs found. Many freqs are repeated in various programs (freq sets) that have nothing to do with each other.

  13. Marian: One baseline is sufficient for all subsequent scans for that subject and that session. For a new subject or new session, you would do a new baseline.

  14. Can/Should you use Baseline Before BFB when using the Sample Digitizer to do a scan?

    1. yes, you can

  15. Hello Penny

    Michael Goss asked “Can/Should you use Baseline Before BFB when using the Sample Digitizer to do a scan?”
    … and your answer was yes.

    I have been doing that – but now I would ask – can I do the Digitizer baseline in the way described for contact use – with the sample material left in place – during the baseline scan – rather than using empty digitizer slides?


    Jonathan Ellis
    1. bump. please clarify. If baseline is not supposed to be used with sample digitizer should we delete baseline?

  16. I can’t remember if I did a baseline. How can I check. How will this affect my results?

    1. You can go to Control tab and have a check whether you have ticked “Baseline Before BFB” in the lower right corner. Baseline could disregard electrical noises, Wi-Fi signals and any other issues that may affect your scan and make your scan results even more accurate.

  17. Do you mean, when you do a baseline the digitizer must be clean/empty?
    Or should the DNA be in it(which feels more logical to me)

    1. Hi, We don’t recommend using the baseline very much right now, see more details from this post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2186038798224678/

      1. Please update your software instructions, user manuals and videos when you change your position on how to use the device properly. There is so much confusion on how to using the spooky2 because of many instances like this. Its very frustrating for beginners.

        1. Hi, really so sorry to bring you this trouble. We will work on this, please wait with more patience. And any questions, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will help you ASAP:)

  18. Hi there, so based on the above comment, baselines are no recommended? I am new to this, about to do a biofeedback scan using contant TENS and want to know whether baseline is still necessary.

    1. Hi, not very recommended to use baseline now:)

  19. Ik heb een bfb gedaan met behulp van de 2 metalen buizen. De lijst met frequenties heb ik opgeslagen. Wat kan ik nu met die frequenties doen?

    1. Hallo, nadat je je bfb-scanresultaten hebt ontvangen, kun je ze uitvoeren. Zie meer details van deze blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/what-do-we-do-after-we-get-results-from-biofeedback-scan-using-spooky-pulse/

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