These were shared by Bryan Yamamoto; an expert Spooky2 user.

I've created a set of long running presets designed to support the Spooky2 Morgellons & Lyme v3.0 protocol. The existing Morgellons and Lyme protocol requires the user to run a number of presets for Spooky Remote over the course of the protocol. These presets run on either 1 generator or 2 generators. They contain the entire Remote part of protocol, minus your biofeedback scan results. In the future, a tool may be provided to create these same long running presets that include your biofeedback scan report (maybe). While these remote presets don’t contain your biofeedback results, you will still have your biofeedback programs edited into the existing Contact or Plasma Morgellons and Lyme v3.0 presets. Also, since these support presets only require one or two generators to run the remote presets, you are free to dedicate a generator to running your biofeedback programs.

The Contact Plus and the Plasma Plus versions require 2 generators, one generator for the contact/plasma, and the other dedicated to running the Spooky remote.

The Contact Plus 2 and the Plasma Plus 2 versions require 3 generators, one generator for contact/plasma, and 2 generators dedicated too running Spooky remote.

Each one of these presets are utilizing each Spooky as if it were 2 generators, sending different frequencies to Out 1 and Out 2. So when you run the Plus 2 version of the presets, your 2 generators are acting as 4 generators. Likewise, running the Plus versions on a single generator is like running presets on two generators.

Copy the txt files (presets) to your C:/Spooky2/Preset Collections/User folder.


Support Presets

Authored by: Bryan Yamamoto