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Miracle in Progress

I became seriously ill over 40years ago with what l now believe is chronic Lyme disease and gradually over the years got progressively ill at some stages feeling like l would die. I tried herbs, cbt, alternative therapies, Chinese herbs, you name it l tried it. Then at the beginning of 2018 l just happened to see spooky2 rifing mentioned on someone’s Facebook and was intrigued, what on earth was rifing? I began research and couldn’t believe the stories of healing that were being told. I then found the sample videos on YouTube so started on those first. Wow they were powerful. I was so ill l could only do a few minutes but even so those few minutes gave me energy and cleared my foggy head. So a few months later when l was doing the whole video, decided to buy my first xm basic kit. It took me a while to set up as with brain fog l could barely function but l managed it. I gradually added generators when l could afford them. The more l added the more rifing l was able to do as l could then use detox and start on the presets that John White and his team had cleverly set up. Today l have 4 xms and 2 genx my health improvement is still in progress and l cannot believe the changes that rifing has made to me. From being bedbound and housebound, l am now able to function so much more, am stronger, more coherent, eye sight improved, mentally much quicker in my thinking, able to be more active digestion improved, skin improved, hair stopped falling out. The list is non ending. So please don’t wait get rifing spooky2 now and believe you can get well again.