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A good Story about Spooky2

The strange Thing happend to me , i bought 2 years ago a spooky kit for start. After a small learning curve i bought 3 generators more .. i used experimental and did not feel beter or worse!
Then after a year i try to sell it on a marketplace (sort eBay but then local) after a While someone was interested but he said the Price is high ?
I told him this is 1/2 price..
Yes but hè said if it works it,s cheap but when it,s not working (you know what i mean)
So after talking trough chat a few days hè told me about his issuses and i decided to give it a try and told him you can get it for free and pay me when it works..!
So that was the deal .
After a while hè Told me that about 50% of his issusses were gone or less, i was happy and disapointed , happy for him disapointed i have no more generators myself.. afcourse he paid my money as we agreed… the thing is i bought myself a generator x because i ,m a believer
Thank you all gr