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The Best Detox Time for Your Main Organs Leave a comment

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In accordance with the regimen of Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ has a specific ideal detox time.

5 am to 7 am: Large intestine detox

Crude fiber food

If the large intestine cannot detox and repair well, it’s easy to accumulate toxins. It’s best to defecate in the morning. If you have constipation, you can eat some crude fiber food and massage the large intestine meridian, which has a very good effect on defecation and the maintenance of the large intestine.

7 am to 9 am: Stomach detox

kneel sitting

The stomach is the body’s largest digestive organ, which has the function of storage, transport and digesting food. You can kneel sitting and practice abdominal breathing in the morning. Keep doing this every day to promote blood circulation in the stomach, improve metabolism and enhance the digestive capacity of the stomach. In addition, you must have a full breakfast. Drinking some black tea with honey is also good for the stomach.

11 am to 1 pm: Heart detox


The peak of heart rate is in this time, so don’t do strenuous exercise. It will be more beneficial for heart detox if you can take a nap for a while.

1 pm to 5 pm: Small intestine, bladder detox

Doing exercises and drinking water

The small intestine allocates the quality of the foods eaten. Water will be sent to the bladder, waste will be sent to the large intestine and the essence of the supply will be sent to the spleen. When the volume of drinking water is insufficient, the peristalsis ability of the small intestine will be reduced. What’s more, its “classification” work will not be optimized. The nutrition will not be delivered timely, and the waste not delivered rapidly to the large intestine. You can do some simple exercises during 1pm to 5pm to stimulate the small intestine. Drinking plenty of water will also speed up the bladder detox.

5 pm to 7 pm: Kidney detox


If the kidney has toxins, it’s mainly characterized in the face, body edema or fatigue. 5pm to 7pm is the best time to exercise in the day, which will help to speed up kidney detox. Jogging, brisk walking, twisting the waist, etc. are suggested exercises.

7 pm to 9 pm: Pericardial detox

Massage the middle finger

The fire of heart will climb slowly with time. It will affect sleeping if this type of toxin can not be removed. 7pm to 9pm is also a strong blood circulation period. You can flatten your elbow to detox, which can effectively strengthen the heart’s blood supply and the brain’s blood circulation. In addition, you can massage the middle finger, as the middle finger corresponds to the pericardium.

9 pm to 11 pm: Lymphatic system and endocrine system detox


During this time, you need to relax and maintain a pleasant mood, which will help with lymphatic detox.

11 pm to 5 am: Gallbladder, liver, lung detox

The detox of the gall bladder, liver and lungs require a good quality sleep.

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