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Understanding Presets and Programs: Improve Your Exploration of Spooky2 2

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Spooky2 is a Rife frequency healing system developed over the years by an international team of electronic engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners. Since its release, the Spooky2 system has added many functions and become very powerful. As a result, some people may feel overwhelmed by those many options. If you are one of these people, don’t worry. We have a lot of materials to help you get started. Here, we will briefly explain what presets and programs are and how to use them.

What Are Presets?

Presets are organized setups. When you choose one, it automatically loads all the necessary settings in the software. When running factory presets such as Morgellons, you do not need to choose any programs as they are already selected in the presets. “Shell Presets” on the other hand, enable you to load any number of various setups one after the other and choose the frequency programs that suit you.
For example:

(C) represents the mode of Spooky2Contact. JW stands for John White, the inventor of Spooky2 and the person who created this preset.

When you want to load a preset, click it. You will notice the settings that have already been programmed for you. Although you are free to change these as you wish, we strongly advise not changing any Spooky Central/Plasma presets until you are confident that you know what you are doing.

What Are Programs?

Programs are collections of individual frequencies that are related to a specific condition. Frequency sets make up programs, and multiple programs become sequences.

The top field displays all programs in all databases for Search. When you want to select a program, double-click it, and it will show up in the lower left box of Loaded Programs. Again, you can double-click the program in the Loaded Programs to remove the one you do not want.

The list below represents the various sources of all frequencies in the Spooky2 database, which is the world’s largest frequency database for sure.

There are many presets and more than 60,0000 programs in the Spooky2 software, which you can download for free to browse. We have to point out that the effectiveness of our programs will depend on the accuracy of your diagnosis. Therefore, if you get no results after 2–3 days, you should try another program instead.

Related Q&As

Q: How to set up a preset and program to deal with lymphoma?
A: You can go with a factory preset by JW and do a biofeedback scan at first.

Q: Is it correct to say that GeneratorX Pro save presets, and not programs into its slots?
A: GeneratorX Pro also saves the programs currently loaded. The other settings saved in GeneratorX Pro are Waveform, Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle, Gate, and Dwell.

Q: Can I clear programs without stopping running programs?
A: Yes. You can simply click on the “Restore Generator Defaults” menu command in the File menu to get the default settings. This will not affect running programs on your generators.


Understanding the difference between Presets and Programs will help you use Spooky2 more efficiently.
If you are interested in Spooky2 series products, please click here to check them out.
If you have questions, you can always contact our customer service or look for related questions at Spooky2 Help Center.

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  1. When you run a DNA program, you run it in a killing preset, right?

    1. Dear friend, with a pathogen-related program/preset, it is usually a good idea to run the frequencies in Killing Mode. Here is a blog about how to distinguish killing and healing: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-distinguish-healing-and-killing-frequency/. Hope it helps. Any questions, feel free to contact our official email address: [email protected].

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