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Considering GB4000

There are lots of Rife Machines to choose from. Many have very impressive and technical specifications that make choosing even more difficult. So how do we choose a Rife machine?

Many suppliers state the power output of their machines. Is more power better?

In fact, no. Beyond a power threshold, a Rife machine will become less effective and may cause more harm than good. The thing that we should look for in a Rife Machine is accuracy, rather than more power.

The other very important thing to consider is the quality of the waveform. Often manufacturers will say that their Rife Machine produces a pure waveform, but this is marketing nonsense. As soon as their machine is in contact with the skin, the waveform changes and all sharp edges become rounded. This is because the human body becomes part of the circuit.

So what is the solution? One solution is to use low power and high frequencies. Of course, you may also choose a better way of applying the frequencies, like using Spooky2 Remotes or Plasma.

A more expensive machine is not always better. Here we make a simple comparison between Spooky2 and GB4000.

Product Comparison

Price $331.19+$1,725.00+
Outputs All of Dr. Rife’s Original FrequenciesYesYes
Frequency Range0 Hz — 40,000,000 Hz1 Hz — 20,000,000 Hz
Frequency Sweeps CapableYesYes
Number of Frequency Sets50,000+8,000+
Output Single FrequenciesYesYes
Modulation Frequency Range100,000 Hz – 3,500,000 Hz1 Hz to 400,000 Hz
Displays Actual FrequenciesYesYes
Square WaveYesYes
Sine WaveYesYes
Other Wave TypesYesNo
Advanced Pulsing (Gating) CapabilityYesYes
Frequency Application Modes42
Create Custom ProgramsYesYes
Remote TreatmentYesNo
Biofeedback ScanYesNo
Choose Frequencies According to the ConditionsCanCan’t

The power output doesn’t mean everything. The higher the frequency range, the more frequency sets, and the wider the frequency modulation range, the better the rife machine. Thus, you can get more accurate and effective treatments.

This table provides an almost complete comparison of these aspects. You can choose the rife machine according to your own needs and conditions.

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What Spooky2 Users Are Saying

This story is shared by Tony, one of Spooky2’s users, started his 11-day Terrain, and within only two days, all his hives had gone away. And then, he moved on to the BFB scan and also got amazing results. ”

This story is shared by Judy who has several autoimmune deficiencies. She got better and better since using Spooky2. She runs Remote every day and also does the biofeedback scans. Spooky2 are pretty much more natural products. With Spooky2 treatment and good diets, her immune conditions are improved greatly. Judy also uses Spooky2 products for her husband and daughter. She used Remote to treat her daughter who lives in New York.

This is a story shared by Dr. Gary. One of his clients was suffering from a severe stage 4 Cataract. He put her on series of five treatments on the Plasma Tube and Remote. After four weeks, those cataracts were completely gone. Another client had fallen on the bicycle. He was suffering from severe pain in his arm and knees.  Surprisingly, he didn’t have any pain just within about three weeks of using Spooky2 Plasma.  They all thought that Spooky2 is a miracle.

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Spooky2 Rife Frequency List

What You’ll Get:

• A compilation of frequencies from Rife frequency researchers.
The biggest rife frequency database in the world and we’re still upgrading!
13 sub-databases, including BP, DNA, MW, PROV, CAFL, KHZ or BIO, etc.
• Use this frequency list to treat common conditions, chronic problems and even serious problems.

How Do Rife Frequencies Work for conditions?

Everything has a natural vibrating frequency. It is called the resonant frequency. Pathogens like bacteria and viruses also have resonant frequencies. If you transmit more of this same frequency to the microorganism, it causes structural stresses, and the pathogen is disabled or simply explodes like the crystal glass. Other organisms are not harmed, because they resonate at different frequencies.
By using Rife frequencies, we can selectively kill the organisms which cause conditions.