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“A Miracle!” Standing up Again from Guillain-Barré Paralysis Using Spooky2 2

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This is an exciting success story shared by our lovely user, Amanda Antelo Cuellar.

Amanda Antelo Cuellar suffered from a serious Guillain-Barré syndrome years ago. The doctor diagnosed that she had only a few weeks to live. She also suffered from severe Parkinson’s disease. Her hands and feet were shaking and she couldn’t move properly.

But when she used Spooky2 the first time in only a few minutes, her condition was greatly relieved. Her hands and feet were no longer trembling and after a period of treatment she was miraculously able to walk upright. She said,” For me it’s almost like a miracle what I’m leaving, that’s why I feel that I have the right to recommend this treatment!”

Now it’s time to let her speak for herself.

“My name is Amanda Antelo Cuellar, and I am from Bolivia. I am 86 years old and going to make a testimony of Spooky2 Rife Machine.

In 2005 I started feeling intense pain which from my feet, through my legs up to my waist. The pain was so intense because it was combined with cramps. I was taken to a clinic and the doctor who took care of me, made some analysis. At last, he found out that was the syndrome of Guillain-Barré. They gave me painkiller but not even the morphine helped, finally they gave me a cocktail of painkillers that calmed the pain for three or four hours, but that was all. The paralysis was so strong that I couldn’t move at all and stayed that way for a long time, many years until I went to Sweden with the hope that they would help me better.

Returning from Sweden to Bolivia, I started feeling a strong pain in my back, by my left lung. I went to the hospital where they checked me to find out if the cause was the heart, and the result was that I had serious disease in the left lung and I had to do the chemotherapy immediately.

After the chemotherapy, the doctors indicated that it was necessary to make surgery in order to remove serious disease from the lung. I was afraid to do it in Bolivia so I went to Sweden and as soon as I arrived, they made the surgery and removed half of my left lung.

When I returned to Bolivia I started feeling that my right hand and right leg hurt and trembled. Then I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

A short time after I returned from Sweden, I started feeling trouble in my eyes. I went to a specialist and was diagnosed with macular degeneration. I would end up blind! I went back to Sweden once again because of that, only to get the same diagnosis. They didn’t have a cure and my destiny was to go blind.

In 2016, I went back to Sweden, to make a new control of all the illness I had. I was always in a wheelchair since I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even eat properly, because my hand trembled so much that I was forced to bend my upper body down in order to eat. Then I heard about a session with Spooky2 that was going to take place at my friend’s house which we assisted. My son drove me there, in a wheelchair since I couldn’t walk. And we started the treatment that lasted merely 20 minutes, when I started to feel that my legs were already feeling a little lighter and I could finally cross my right leg (which was the most affected by the Guillain-Barré’s paralysis) over the left leg. I felt that I could lift my arms high up with ease, something that I hadn’t been able to do for a long time. I felt completely light. I could even stand up by myself and walk to the car.

Then after I had stopped treating me with the Spooky2 Rife machine, I arrived in Bolivia and started getting worse. I couldn’t walk again or do anything, I was almost blind and they had to give me oxygen every four hours.

In 2017 (June 31st), my son arrived from Sweden and brought with him the Spooky2 Rife Machine. I started once again the treatment and after a few months, practically two months after, the improvement was remarkable! I started walking almost by myself again, I could do all my necessities by myself, I could see much better. That’s why I dare to recommend, from all my heart, to all the people that have been told that they don’t have cure for their conditions, that they should use the treatment with the Spooky2 Rife Machine.

For me it’s almost like a miracle what I’m leaving, that’s why I feel that I have the right to recommend this Spooky2 treatment!”

Presets and Programs Amanda Used:

1. Cleanse Blood (C) – BY
Click >Detox >Contact >Cleanse Blood (C) – BY in the Presets tab.
After running this preset, Amanda slept till 10:00 AM next morning for the first time after one year she hadn’t been able to do so.

2. Essential Micronutrients (C) – JW
Click >Heal>Contact>Essential Micronutrients (C) – JW in the Presets tab.
You could also use Essential Micronutrients (P) – JW (in Plasma mode) or Multi-Vitamin and Mineral (R) – JW (in Remote mode).

3. Shell Preset: Killing (C) – JW
Click >Shell (Empty) Presets >Contact >Killing (C) – JW in the Presets tab
Programs: Pantothenate Kinase – Associated Neurosege (ETDF)
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (ETDF)
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (ETDF)
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (XTRA)
(Find them in the Programs tab)

4. Addition
The bronchitis program for her bronchitis makes her feel much better.
The macula degeneration program stopped her from going blind as the doctors had diagnosed.

If you want to “meet” this strong woman, please see this video:

We hope Amanda’s story could help you! Please never give up at any time! Comment below and share your stories with Spooky2!

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  1. The courage of Amanda is uplifting. To go through all she did and accept her fate on these diseases yet still want to go outside medicine’s grasp into the rife world is courageous. Medicine can scare you with their prognosis and their closed mindedness that their way is the only way or only death awaits you.
    She must have a great inner confidence and very encouraging people around her too.

  2. Amanda is an inspiration to many who go against traditional medicine and just put belief in something which of course is not scientifically confirmed and which the norm follow. It takes enormous courage then to go against others which want to shame non conventional therapies simply because they are aligning with the belief of the general norm and not thinking for themself, not listening to their inner self and not just trusting in something different. it takes courage, tenacity and conviction to beat to the beat of your own drum and have wonderful results in health because you dared to. Stand up and take a huge bow Amanda. You are an inspiration to all.

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