Colloidal Silver Reviews 10

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Colloidal silver is a solution with strong antibacterial properties. It is called the most effective natural antibiotic in the world.

It not only heals infections, eases skin conditions, treats pink eyes, prevents cuts, burns and scratches from becoming infected, but also boosts immunity and helps reduce inflammation.

Many people and families benefit from colloidal silver.

Actions speak louder than words. Let’s take a look at what colloidal silver users say!

#User 1: Battling the compromised immune system
“Giving thanks to the Spooky2 team and the Spooky2 family. I would like to express my thanks my Spooky2 journey began when I was diagnosed with a big problem—a compromised immune system.

When I searched for natural and or alternative ways to battle the effects of a compromised immune system, I heard about colloidal silver. Then I asked my friend Claire about colloidal silver as I remembered she was into natural and alternative health and well-being.

And she said that I can make colloidal silver with a Spooky2 generator and colloidal silver kit and it won’t break the bank like buying bottles of colloidal silver from the shops. I did remember seeing some of her posts on Facebook about her positive results using Spooky2.

Me being skeptical her Facebook posts went over my head but now after hearing you can make colloidal silver with Spooky2, I thought I would give it a try myself.

In June 2017, I brought a small setup. I started by drinking clean distilled water and made my first batch of colloidal silver. I was shocked by how easy it was. With the instructions from the Spooky2 team and Spooky2 users, I also used Contact and Remote to make use of the equipment that I brought. And because I’m so happy with my results, my Spooky2 setup has grown. I haven’t been unwell since starting Spooky2.

I would like to express my thanks because Spooky2 isn’t just an affordable rife machine, it helps towards self-empowerment with lots of alternative health and well-being information in their SAMA (Spooky2 ask me anything) videos also other videos and information they provide us. Wish everyone the best of health.”

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#User 2: Reducing pain
“I had a very uncomfortable pain in my side which has lasted for quite a while (a couple of weeks). At times it was difficult to stand up from a chair. It was from having too much apple juice. I was doing a gall bladder flush and decided to use the version that you take one liter of AJ per day. I knew this was a not so great idea, but did it anyway and I got a major pain in my side. Feels like at the junction of the transverse and descending colon.

Anyways in desperation, I decided to try Colloidal Silver and bingo it worked. I probably had 6 ounces in the AM and about the same in the afternoon.

The pain is not totally gone but pretty close to it. I was surprised and figured I would get indigestion from it, but none.”

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#User 3: Relieving heartburn
“I have a report! I made my first batch of Spooky2-generated colloidal silver two weeks ago, running the special colloidal silver preset with one of my generators for two days. I made a whole liter for testing out, and it’s a very clear, clean-tasting batch. (My first experience ever with colloidal silver) When one of my friends told me she was having constant heartburn, I gave her some of my mix and a tiny shot glass (I had no idea how much was too much or how strong it would affect her), and she’s been taking it daily since she got it! Her heartburn was relieved almost immediately after the first dose, and she says she has felt the heartburn only two or three times over the whole two weeks she has been using it.

She wanted a refill of her bottle.”

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After seeing these reviews, I believe you have a better understanding of the efficacy of colloidal silver.

Of course, with a few dollars of colloidal silver from your local health food store, you can treat the most common infections, including flu and colds, fungal infections, and many antibiotic-resistant infections. But making colloidal silver by yourself is absolutely a good choice for you and your family.

Did you use colloidal silver before? Have you tried to make colloidal silver by using Spooky2? Comment below and share your experience with us!

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  1. I have been making colloidal silver for awhile but recently heard that is is one of the heavy metals that is inharmonious with the human body due to heavy metal buildup. So I have stopped making it,,,do you have any info on this?

    1. Silver is a transition metal, not a heavy metal, and according to the EPA totally non-toxic to mammals. It is extremely toxic to molds, fungus, bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

  2. Is there a suggestion for how much colloidal silver one should take, if used on a daily basis?

  3. OOPS! Cancel question/post; overlooked “how to use colloidal silver” under “related blogs”.

  4. Is colloidal silver good for eczema and allergies ?

    Cherri white
    1. The colloidal silver good for eczema, and also help in allergies.

  5. I noticed that some companies offer a third party certificate of purity for their silver rods.

    Because I make soaps and lotions and add cs to them, my insurance company is asking for verification of purity of rods and water. Also where I am getting my products from.

    Does spooky2 offer proof of 99.9% silver purity?

    1. Hi, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], our support team will give you more details:)

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