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How to Use Colloidal Silver 2

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As early as two thousand years ago, silver was used by ancient people on many occasions. For example, the ancient Romans, Greeks and others use silver containers to preserve food and water. Silver has been shown to kill virus, bacterial and fungal organisms.

In modern society, scientists and doctors began to researching colloidal silver because of its superior antibiotic function. Nowadays tens of thousands of people around the world consume colloidal silver to prevent health problems.

Given there are many benefits of colloidal silver, people begin to pay attention to how to use colloidal silver and how much colloidal silver they should use every day. Today we will illustrate these questions in detail.

How to Use Colloidal Silver

When you feel sick or have some internal infections, drinking colloidal silver is a good way for you. You can drink them three times a day.

If you want to boost your immunity or prevent conditions, drinking a little colloidal silver every day is also a good choice.

If you have eye conditions or eye infections such as red-eye, drop several colloidal silver into your eyes directly can help you relieve infections.

Colloidal silver can also be sprayed topically onto wounds, scrapes, burns or other skin conditions to help speed up healing and prevent infection.

The prestigious Health Sciences Institute pointed out that nebulizing colloidal silver directly into the lungs is one of the fastest ways of effectively eliminating serious upper respiratory infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega, a well-known health symposium panelist, discovered, while dealing with pneumonia patients, colloidal silver can be quickly and easily atomized into a fine mist and inhaled into the lungs using a device called a nebulizer. The silver is then easily carried into the human bloodstream and from there directly into the body’s cells and tissues.

How Much Colloidal Silver to Use

Before using colloidal silver, the most important thing you need to figure out is your purpose of using it. The dosage of colloidal silver would be different, depending upon the purpose.

Dosage for a nutritional supplement
If you plan on using colloidal silver daily as a nutritional supplement, a normal adult daily dosage is about a teaspoon per day, or an ounce a day.

The specific dosage for each person depends on his body weight. Here is a formula to tell you how many drops of colloidal silver you can take each day safely.

12×lbs÷ppm=drops (per day)

For example, if you’re 120 pounds, and you’re using a 10 ppm colloidal silver solution, you’d multiply 12 times 120 = 1,440. Then divide 1,400 by 10 (ppm), which is 144.
So at a body weight of 120 pounds, you can safely take 144 drops of colloidal silver per day.

Dosage for long-term infections
If you want to use colloidal silver to fight long-term infections, for example, the Lyme spirochete, the mycoplasmas pathogen and more, you would better use the “incremental dosage” method. It means, for example, you take one ounce of 10 ppm colloidal silver and take it once a day for several days. Then you might go to two ounces per day for several days. Then to three ounces per day for several days. Then to four ounces per day for several days. And then come back to the first-day dosage. It goes around like this.

If you feel colloidal silver has a good effect on you, now you can stop using it or take one ounce of colloidal silver daily as a supplement.

Dosage for other infections
For other infectious conditions such as flu, cold, pneumonia and etc., some users suggest that it is helpful to use three or four ounces of colloidal silver per day.

Care must be taken as to when you swallow your colloidal silver dosage.
Remember it can kill your good stomach bacteria needed for digestion, so one should use it well in advance of eating/drinking and not eat for at least an hour after dosage.
So take a probiotic tablet to reboost good gut flora, or eat a fermented food such as Sauerkraut, etc.

Recommended Approach:
1. You can use the atomizer mist method that one breathes into lungs or spray into eyes to avoid the stomach all together.
2. Also, you can place any dosage under the tongue and leave it sit there as long as possible because there is a blood access point there and colloidal silver is able to be absorbed to the bloodstream directly.

The information above is based on the experience of colloidal silver users, for reference only.

After reading this blog, you may already have a general idea on how to use colloidal silver. Many other ways are still waiting for you to explore.

Why not start using colloidal silver? Comment below and share your usage and experience with us.

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  1. Can you add some colloidal silver water to a CPAP machine?

    1. Dear Mary, you need to make sure your machine can do this, and then you can have a try. Look forward to your more feedback. Any questions, feel free to contact us. 🙂

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