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Connecting PEMF Coil to the XM Generator 14

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This blog will show you how to connect PEMF Coil to Spooky2-XM Generator with different versions of Spooky2 Boost.

1. Spooky2 Boost v3.1
The PEMF Coil can be connected to high power port of Spooky2 Boost v3.1.

PEMF coil and Boost v3.1

2. Spooky2 Boost v2.0
You can connect PEMF coil with the MN port of Spooky2 Boost v2.0. The adapter will require the BNC straight female to female connector.

3. Spooky2 Boost Cable
Red to red, blue to blue gives the correct magnetic polarity when Out 1 is +100% offset and Out 2 is -100% offset.

For more information about PEMF Coil, please check the video below:

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  1. Please show how to connect this to the GenX.

    1. Hi Lora, PEMF coil can be connected to GX the same as XM Generator. You can choose G1 or G2 to connect PEMF coil, be sure it is corresponding with the right port.

  2. which side of the coil goes against skin or substance?

    1. Hi, Karen. You should hold the BN side towards the body. You can know the reasons here: http://bit.ly/3052OjN

  3. Can one connect 2 pemf coils to 1 x XM Boost in order to have one coil with one frequency and the 2nd coil with a different one running as a two channel system? thank you much in advance.

    1. It is recommend one coil on one generator on high power port of boost. This will provide enough power for treatment.

  4. If I use the PEMF Coil for sleep issue, which part of the body I should put the Coil onto? Neck, head or wrist? 2nd question: Can Cold laser treat insomnia? Thank you/

    1. 1, you can just put coil onto wrist.2,Yes, you can use cold laser run some insomnia programs in software.

  5. is this as effective as the miramate pemf mat? can i hook up the gen x to the mat?

    William McCampbell
    1. Hi, it cannot be hooked to the mat and for the difference, pls go to this link: https://www.miramate.com/qa/what-is-the-difference-between-spooky2-pemf-coil-and-mini-magic/

  6. Hi,
    1) “Hi, Karen. You should hold the BN side towards the body”.
    But how can we identify the good side ? Is there an indication on the PEMF coil ?
    That’s seem to be very important, as I read, to avoid a mistake and choose the right side.
    2) Is it the best way to heal or reduce a muscular or inflammatory pain ?
    Thank your for your anwser.

    1. Hi, yes. We have an indication on the PEMF Coil to show the BN side. No worries:)
      Pemf will be a good choice for relieving pains and inflammation. You can also run other modes to enhance the treatment effectiveness, like contact, remote, cold laser:)

  7. Hi
    How long is the coil held to the body for? For pain and imflammation and anything else.

    1. Dear Helen, we recommend you use PEMF coil at least for 1 hour and use it everyday to feel the improvment. Hope it helps.

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