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Eyesight is only one of our 5 physical senses by which we experience most of our reality. In average our brain devotes about 30 percent of the cortex’s energy to visual neurons, and much less to the other senses. But it is useful to know that some remote tribes, that are not influenced by modern civilization programming (cultural illusions) have significantly different distribution of brain resources when it comes to perceptory mechanism and cognitive processes. They are able to see far planets and stars that most of civilized people need to relay on telescopes and observatory information. And it is the case with all 5 senses ( without mentioning the intuition our 6th sense) So their cognition of the world and life is much more complete and holistic, compering to ours.

Overall brain health significantly impacts vision health. Many factors can affect our eyes: conditions, injuries, ageing, pollution and genetics. In the most cases the changes occur as we age. That is closely related to decrease of our nervous system plasticity that is reflected in numerous functions of our body like, our skin becomes less tight, our hearing may fade, and our vision could deteriorate. But ageing doesn’t mean you have to give up on your good health.

The prevention is much more effective than a relieve. Preserving your vision is important, so before we turn to costly drugs or surgery, we definitely want to try natural ways to improve eyesight, regardless of your age.

There are many things that you can do at home to improve your overall eyesight, like lifestyle changes, diet and use of various home remedies.
Eye sight is a complex sensory system, which utilizes the light that reflects off the objects. Received light is converted to electro-chemical signals that are forwarded to the brain for cognitive processing. The fact is that our eyesight ages together with our whole body. Eye issues are common in older adults, but lately due to pollution and factors like genetics, poor nutrition, aging and excessive strain on the eyes usually contribute to these conditions also in children.

Common Symptoms

Weak eyesight is most often associated with either nearsightedness (called myopia) or farsightedness (called hyperopia).

  • Common symptoms of weak eyesight are blurry vision, frequent headaches and watery eyes.
  • Difficulty moving during night conditions due to poor sight.
  • Distortion of the vision due to haziness which turns worse in bright light conditions.
  • Inability to follow street signs, read small size text.
  • Inability to distinguish colors due to faded appearance.

If you have this symptoms consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Treating is usually done by use of prescription glasses, lenses, sometimes medications and with a surgery.

Below are Listed Main Types of Eyesight Problems

  • Myopia – we are fully capable of seeing objects closer, while far away objects appear fuzzy and lacking depth.
  • Hyperopia – we are able to see objects that are far away, but when close, we see them blurred. This is farsightedness, hyperopia or hypermetropia.
  • Astigmatism – is an error in the shape of the cornea, a curved, irregular surface of the cornea. The vision is hazy, blurry and distorted.
  • Presbyopia – the natural degeneration of the eye that gradually loses the ability to focus on closer objects, it usually appears as we age.
  • Ophthalmoplegia – an experience of pain in the eye, usualy it is mot a serious condition. The pain would come and pass on its own.
  • Night Blindness (Nyctalopia) – is when you have difficulty of viewing objects at night or low light condition – night blindness.
  • Color Blindness – a difficulty in distinguishing the colors from one another such as red and green; blue and yellow.
  • Diabetes – When there is an elevated level of glucose in the blood – diabetes, them you may easily develop an eye problems.
  • Cataracts – starts with a gradual blurring of vision, then it may progresses into an intense form till you notice the drastic difference when operation becomes necessary.

Natural solutions like yoga, acupressure, magnetic solution, chromosolution, Ayurveda and other are considered as highly beneficial natural relieves for eyesight improvement.Natural solutions may be very successful if performed under the supervision of an expert.
Inadequate posture while reading, watching television excessively, poor lighting, lack of sleep, straining the eyes by continuously working on computers for long duration and other such factors increase the risk of developing eye problems. I recommend to correct these destructive influences as soon as possible. Take adequate steps to increase sleep, improve diet, reduce anxiety and mental stress.
Nutritious diet plays a vital role in curing as well as preventing eyesight problems.The simplest yet significant natural home remedies to improve eyesight are healthy (organic-non toxic) foods like carrots, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, turnips, green peas, soya beans, dates, kale, raw garlic, tomatoes, grapes, berries, apples, apricots, oranges, mangoes, milk, almonds, walnuts and judicious amounts of other vitamin A and vitamin C rich foods.

For example if you have Blurred Vision – it can be a temporary condition or indication of something more serious.

Blurred vision can be due to change from dark to strong light, but it can be also associated with health conditions such as diabetes and may be indicative of a more serious eye condition.

Blurred vision may also go away on its own.

If we experience blurred vision with other symptoms such as nausea, extreme fatigue, or severe headaches then it is good to look for medical attention to be sure that there isn’t something more serious going on.

What to Do if You Have Blurred Vision:

Vitamin A: it’s extremely important when it comes to your vision.
You can use foods as a home remedy such as spinach, milk, cabbage, and carrots.
Liquorice: Taking 1/2 of a teaspoon of the liquorice root as part of a drink can be an excellent natural relieve for blurred vision.
Mixing the powdered of Liquorice with honey, butter, and milk and drinking twice a day is a very effective remedy for blurred vision.
Chicory: is an excellent natural relieve for vision problems,good for the optic system and are high in Vitamin A concentration is especially good for blurred vision.
It is even more effective remedy when it is mixed chicory juice with juices of carrots, celery, and parsley. I is used it also to prevent blurred vision from recurring.

Example of a Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

Here are the top 5 natural treatments for glaucoma recommended by Dr. J. Axe:
Bilberry (160 mg 2x daily)
This anthocyanoside extract helps improve blood flow and contains flavonoids that help support eye function.
Astaxanthin (2 mg per day)
Astaxanthin a potent carotenoid, that can help prevent retinal damage.
Fish Oil (1,000mg daily)
Aim for least 600 mg of EPA and 400 mg DHA to help relieve intraocular pressure.
CoQ10 (300 mg daily)
An antioxidant that can help prevent free radical damage to the eyes.
Magnesium (250 mg 2x daily)
Relaxes the blood vessel walls and improves blood flow.

Lifestyle Habits

Eye health, like any other system in our body, needs exercise, and proper nutrients. We also need to ensure that you receive plenty of sleep each day. Try to achieve eight hours each night to allow your eyes to fully rest and rejuvenate. If you do not get enough sleep, you may find that you have increased amount of eye health issues.
Drink plenty of water, our body is composed of mainly water, meaning that we must replenish it regularly. It is necessary to cleanse dust and debris from your eyes throughout the day. In average drinking eight glasses of water a day will provide enough moisture and water for your body. More water is necessary to provide optimum eye health if you live in a dry area.
Preventing eye health issues is a life – long process. The home remedies and lifestyle changes make a huge difference in the overall eye health. There are thousands of success cases and studies that tell the benefits of proper eye health that you can take at home.
Nutritional products and supplements which contain vitamins and other nutrients have been proven over centuries of use in traditional medicine systems to have beneficial influence on eye health and excellent vision.

Eyesight Enhancing Tips

It is much smarter to prevent eye problems, rather than treat them after the problem is present. tips you can use to help naturally improve your eyesight include:

  • Minimize the extended period of time that you spend in front of the computer screen. After every half hour of television watching, take a 10 minute break. This will provide a break for your eyes.
  • Position the monitor at a comfortable distance, about 18 to 24 inches away. The height of the monitor should be at or just below eye level.
  • To avoid glare on your computer, get an anti-glare screen if needed.
  • Take frequent visual breaks and rest your eyes every 20 minutes.
  • Try to look at objects far away when you take a break from the TV or computer screen.
  • When your eyes feel tired or worn out, try washing them with water.
  • Avoid reading in dim light as it puts strain on the eye muscles.
  • Do not wear glasses that have the wrong prescription- particularly important for children.
  • Prevent direct exposure to sun rays.When out in the sun, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Use good quality eye cosmetics and discard old eye makeup.
  • Get enough sleep as sleep deprivation leads to eye discomfort and blurry vision.
  • Do not rub your eyes needlessly.
  • Have Vitamin C rich diets.
  • Store water in the mouth while washing the face.
  • Avoid oil-rich, fatty, or spicy food.
  • Do not smoke or take alcohol.
  • Prevent stress and relax your eyes when you are free.
  • Exercise daily – do at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise daily-walking and swimming are two excellent forms of exercise.

Perform Eye Exercises

The fastest methods to improve your vision naturally is to exercise your eyes daily. Good blood flow to the eyes is essential for the proper functioning of the eye. Eye exercises strengthen the eyes and improve vision so you may even remove need for contacts or glasses. Get a regular daily schedule of eye exercises – this will help you accomplish much better vision quickly.

  • Start by applying heat to your eyes by rubbing your palms together then putting them over your eyes. Hold it over your eyes for 5 to 10 seconds, then repeat.This will prepare your eyes for other exercises.
  • Rolling your eyes is one of the most convenient eye exercises.
  • Without straining your eyes look up as far as you can, then look down. Repeat 10 times.
  • Now look horizontally, left and right, repeat 10 times.
  • After that, look diagonally to each side, repeat 10 times.
  • Roll your eyes in a counter-clockwise movement 10 times, then reverse the movement and roll them clockwise.
  • Hold a pen at arm’s length at eye level. Focus on the idea of the pen (or something pleasant, relaxing) as you move it closer to your eyes. Stop when you get about six inches away from your face, and concentrate on the suggestion as you move it back to arm’s length. Keep in mind to do this slowly and concentrate on the suggestion of the pen. Repeat about 10 times.
  • Breathing Yoga Exercises encourage conscious breathing. This exercises relax your body and eyes. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth for two minutes. When you open your eyes after two minutes, do not focus on anything. Repeat the exercise 3 times.
  • Concentrate your vision on a distant object. To do this without straining your eyes: look at the moon and focus on it for three to five minutes daily.
  • Blinking Exercises help soothing and moisturizing your eyes. We can do it anywhere if we are feeling weary or tired. Blink consistently four to five seconds at a time for a period of two minutes. Or try eyelid fluttering by blinking your eyes 20 to 30 times rapidly and repeatedly, without squeezing your eyes shut. Finally, close your eyes and let them rest.
  • Sunning will provide the benefit of the sun’s healing abilities: allow the sun to shine directly on your closed eyelids while breathing deeply. Do this daily for a few minutes and follow by palming.
  • Palming Exercises were specifically designed to stimulate the various acupuncture points around our eyes. This helps to relax the muscles in and around your eye and calms the mind. Place your elbows on a flat surface in front of you with your left palm covering your left eye and right palm covering your right eye. The palms should cup the eyes, but without any pressure on eyes the fingers will rest on your forehead. Do this exercise about three minutes.
  • After exercise massage your temples with your fingertips. Use a clockwise motion for about 30 seconds then repeat a counter-clockwise motion. Massage area of your eyebrows and under your eyes as well.
  • When you finish exercising and massaging, apply heat to your eyes again by rubbing your palms together. If your eyes are exhausted, close them and rest for a few minutes. Rest your eyes frequently to preserve the health of your eyes.
    Note: Regularly walking barefooted on fresh and wet green grass early in the morning for half an hour is considered helpful in improving Eyesight.

Vision-Enhancing Diet (use only organic/non toxic and non GMO ingredients)
We may have heard it a thousand times, it is really essential to eat right. Eating organic healthy diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits will seriously help improve our eyesight and keep it from deteriorating. Eat a diet high in vitamins A, B-complex, C, D and E, beta-carotene, amino acids, lutein and zeaxanthin, all of which promote eye health. The chlorophyll in green leafy vegetables also helps improve eyesight.

Proper diet is important for eye health. It includes vision-enhancing foods:

  • Bilberrie fruit is rich with antioxidants that protect the eyes from free radicals and aid improve blood circulation in your eyes.
  • Grapes and Blueberries support your night vision.
  • Carrots contain beta-carotene and vitamin A known for vision improvement effects.
  • Cold Water Fish rich in DHA, will provide support to the structure of the cell membranes in your eyes.
  • Leafy Green Vegetables contain nutrients that will help protect your eye’s macula, due to their rich carotenoid content.
  • Drink lots of water: 8-10 glasses of purified water. Avoid carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. They can actually dehydrate your eyes.
  • Eat carrots, spinach, corn, beetroot, sweet potato, blueberries, broccoli, kale and other fresh green leafy vegetables. Fatty fish, eggs, nuts and seeds are also beneficial for eye health.Capers, Shallots, Garlic, and Onions also contain helpful antioxidants that are beneficial for the lens of your eyes.

Foods to Avoid

Caffeine reduce blood flow to the eyes.
Alcohol causes liver toxicity that can lead to eye problems.
Sugar can cause premature aging of eyes and increase the risk of diabetes and glaucoma.
Food allergies can put pressure on the eyes, avoid any foods that cause an allergic reaction.

Vision harming habits: Causes and Fixes

Screen time: staring at a computer screen leads to ‘digital eye strain,’ a group of symptoms including blurry vision and tired eyes. While we do computer work we don’t blink as often as we should, so our eyes become dry and get tired. Studies show that blinking decreases by 70 percent when using a device with a screen.
Solution is to stop looking at a screen,and prevent digital eye strain by following the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds and blink more.
Reusing contact lens case: Germs lurking in your contact lens case can transfer on your eyes and lead to ulcers, infections, itchiness, blurry vision, and light sensitivity. Change your contact lens case every three to fourth months and sterilize your case by boiling it in water for five minutes. If you don’t have contact lens solution with you, experts suggest using boiling water.
Rubbing and touching your eyes increases opportunities for bacteria to enter the eyes. Avoid touching your eyes, but if you really must, ensure your hands are properly washed.
Picking your eyelashes: Eyelashes prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering the eye. If you pull eyelashes often it may be a response to stress and anxiety. So, find a way to reduce stress and managing your anxiety.

Swimming without goggles: goggles are necessary to protect your eyes from harm lurking in pools, oceans, or lake water. Ensure your goggles fit well around the eyes and create a seal that blocks out water.
Artificial eye lubricants work by restricting blood flow to the eyes, making them appear less red. Unfortunately, if you use these products regularly, your eyes can become accustomed to it. So the solution is to find a natural product.
Eye protection should be used at work or completing tasks around the home, your eyes are always at risk for injury. This includes wearing sunglasses.
Scratched cornea may lead to pain, blurry vision, redness, or feeling as if there is something in your eye.The solution is to use natural lubricant and herbal supplements ot to visit your eye doctor right away to reduce your risk of infection and other complications.
Medications like Antihistamines, blood pressure medications, and antidepressants can cause dry eyes or a gritty feeling in the eyes. Hormone solution and treatments for rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes may also lead to vision changes.
Speak with your doctor about vision changes you experience as possible side effects to get medications without harmful side effects.
Glaucoma can develop in anyone at any age, although it is commonly seen among older adults. Added pressure caused by excess fluid in the eye can damage the optic nerve so it’s important that you undergo regular eye exams. If caught early glaucoma can be treated but in advanced stages there is no relieve.

Treat Your Eyes Right – Natural Eye Care Remedies

Traditional Remedies
The list of my eye strengtheners, soothers, and natural eye care remedies:
Beets greens of yellow and red beets, are high in the phytonutrients lutein and zeaxanthin that are known to benefit eye health when consumed regularly, yellow beets in particular.
Cucumber Juice is anti-inflammatory and can greatly reduce redness in and around eyes.
Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is gentle enough and is a perfect anti-inflammatory wash for the eyes, from minor irritation to a full blown infection.
Orange Peel is good for allergy season, it calms the histamine response in the body.
Cabbage if you ferment it first, the high levels of beta-carotene found in this delicious vegetable brings lasting benefits.
Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)fruit is high in antioxidants useful for disorders of the eyes. Chewing these berries will give you a surprising improvement.

Rose Petals (Rosa spp.) placed on the eyelids do wonders for soreness and puffiness. Pour hot water over a few petals and allow them to cool, strain and use the petals over the eyes and the tea can be used on the skin.
Basil (Ocimum basilicum)is high in Vitamin A and is therefore good for the eyes.
Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) has a long reputation as a topical, natural eye care remedy for eye irritations such as conjunctivitis.
Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) improves the memory, improve circulation to the back of the eye, supporting improvements in such conditions as macular degeneration and glaucoma.
Goldenseal (Hydrastis candensis) a great herb for the eyes:combined with goldenseal root, chamomile or eyebright tea for inflamed or infected eyes in children and animals.
Research Results
New research advances show the benefits of vision supplements in lowering the risk of eye problems.

Following vitamins and nutrients play a key function in reducing inflammation and oxidative changes related to the development of degenerative illness including chronic and age-related eye problems:

  • Vitamin A and beta-carotene (and its precursor, beta-carotene) is essential for night vision, injury healing and proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Vitamin B complex (consisting of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 folic acid, biotin and choline) help reduce chronic inflammation and avoid elevated homocysteine levels in the blood, which have been related to vascular problems impacting the retina; contribute also in lowering the risk of macular degeneration and uveitis, a typical cause of blindness.
  • Vitamin C is an effective anti-oxidant, is connected with reduced risk of cataracts.
  • Vitamin D is connected with a lower risk of macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin E according to “Age-Related Eye condition Study.” has been related to decreased risk of cataracts.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids and macular pigments that reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Phytochemical antioxidants- are contained in extracts from ginkgo biloba, bilberry and other, provide protection from oxidative stress in the entire body, including the eyes.
  • Omega – 3 necessary fatty acids – reduce the risk of dry eyes and have other eye health benefits.
  • Bioflavonoids-discovered in lots of vegetables and fruits, assist the body soak up vitamin C for greater antioxidant performance.

Herbs and Vegetables for Eye Health – how to use it

  • Carrot ingredients such as beta-carotene (Vitamin A form) are important as a deficiency can lead to blindness.
  • Carrots are best consumed raw or in the form of juice. Get 4-5 fresh carrots and slices it in a juice making container of the mixer and add water and honey to elevate the taste of the juice. You can consume raw carrots when cleaned properly.
  • Gooseberry (Amla) juice reduce the chances of cataract and other conditions. Rich in vitamin C, it contains carotene and Vitamin A , and antioxidants that prevent stress from affecting the retina and treats several eye disorders with regular consumption. (available in health-food stores)
  • Leafy Greens contain abundant resources of Vitamin K vital for bone health and other Vitamins such as A, B and C. Most of leafy greens contain lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C that assist in reducing the risk of getting cataracts as well as macular degeneration in humans.
  • Use spinach in juices or even use kale/collard leaves, and the taste will be rather the same with minor differences (spice it according to your taste or make it with fruits)
  • Eggs – The yolk of egg is considered the prime source of zeaxanthin and lutein and zinc that assists in reducing the macular degeneration risk.Eggs contain Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Fish are rich in DHA, and they provide suitable assistance to the cell membranes of the eyes, for dry eyes, treatment of eyesight and macular degeneration.Fish conteins also vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids that are the protecting factors of blood vessels within eyes.
  • Fennel Seeds have essential nutrients and antioxidants that assist in the prevention of cataracts and is also is helpful in the treatment of diabetic patients.
  • You can use fennel seeds in the cooking recipes or eat them raw (soaked in water overnight) after consumption of food for better digestion.
  • Mixture of Almonds & Fennel is rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, fibercontain, amygdalin and vitamin E that slow down macular degeneration and can prevent severely condition.
  • Make the powder of almonds and fennel seed, put 2 tea spoons in a glass of milk and consume before going to sleep (do not use water for two hours after drinking milk). Make it habit for forty days.
  • Green Tea has polyphenols and catechins that protect the retinal cells from damage due to UV light and prevent macular degeneration.
  • Sweet Potatoes contain omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, phosphorus and Vitamins A, C, B, K and E. Beta-carotene converts into Vitamin A and we get protection against macular degeneration, cataracts. The anthocyanin offers anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.
  • Use it by baking it, or as sweet potato chips or you can relish them as boiled vegetables.
  • Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) – teas, tinctures and homeopathic eyedrops are made from this herb. A study found that eyebright eyedrops hastened recovery from conjunctivitis. Extracts lower blood sugar.
  • Coleus (Coleus forskohlii) contains forskolin. Forskolin eyedrops have been shown to reduce the production of fluid within the eye, thereby reducing pressure in glaucoma.
  • Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) contains cannabinoids, which reduce pressure within the eye in people with glaucoma. Can be used as eyedrops.
  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis) contains antioxidants and polyphenols that reduce free radical oxidative damage underlying many chronic conditions, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and ultraviolet light.
  • Black currant (Ribes nigrum) – contains anthocyanins that hastened adaptation to the dark and also reduced eye fatigue.The extracts protect nerve cells in the retina, strengthen blood vessels, improve circulation, and block the formation of new blood vessels, a process involved in conditions of the retina such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration and also have an antidiabetic effect
    Many other herbs, fruits and vegetables have antioxidant power.
  • Garlic (Allium sativum) research suggests it may help prevent cataracts.
  • Blueberry tea (preferably decaffeinated) or steeping green/black tea mixed with blueberry leaves is highly beneficial relieve to improve Eyesight naturally.
  • Cardamom seeds consumption along with honey on a daily basis is a good Eyesight home remedy.
  • Basil Juice – Putting two drops of basil juice in eyes helps improving Eyesight in case of Night Blindness but be careful when using these home treatments as they can cause burning sensation in eyes.
  • Rose water eye drops is popular natural home remedies for eyesight. It relieves strain in eyes by its cooling and soothing effect. Use two drops of rose water in eye, two times in a day.
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has the potent antioxidant curcumin, which has been shown to protect against cataract formation in rats, both alone and in combination with vitamins
  • Use a couple of drops of certain juices like turmeric juice, coriander juice,etc as eye drops to improve Eyesight in a natural way. You can also consume half a glass of coriander juice on a regular basis to get rid of Eyesight problems.
  • Wild Asparagus, known as Shatavari in Ayurveda promote a long, healthy life of the eyes.
  • Mix one teaspoon of wild asparagus with one-half teaspoon of honey and Consume it twice daily with a cup of warm cow’s milk for a few months.
  • Indian gooseberry, known as Amla, is another Ayurvedic remedy to improve eyesight. Packed with several nutrients, especially vitamin C and other antioxidants promotes healthy capillaries and helps maintain proper functioning of retinal cells.
  • Mix 2 – 4 teaspoons of Indian gooseberry juice in one-half cup of water and drink it in the morning and evening. You can also sweeten with honey.
    Useful Essential Oils for Eyesight Improvement
  • Frankincense oil has been demonstrated to improve eyesight,
  • Helichrysum oil improves vision and supports nerve tissue
  • Cypress essential oil improve circulation which can improve glaucoma
  • Apply 3 drops of any of these essential oils 2x daily on cheeks and lateral eye area – do not put directly into eyes!!!It is too strong.

Quantum Technology improves Eyesight

Spooky2 system using “quantum entanglement” and Rife’s and Tesla’s discoveries produces quick improvement of eyesight. Rife frequencies produce measurable improvement of eyesight. It reduces eye strain and helps the eyes to focus faster and more clearly while eliminating harmful microbes, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that may be part of the sight worsening process.

“Spooky2” was released in 2014, now is available advanced version of Generator X. You can download free software program that drive frequency GeneratorX at spooky2.com.

It is an effort of many people across the globe to provide more effective, very low cost advanced treatments for treating such harmful and traditionally expensive conditions as Hiv, Lyme, and other.

In Summary:
Nutritious, pure organic diet plays a vital role in avoiding and curing Eyesight problems. So, inclusion of healthy (not sprayed by toxic pesticides and herbicides) foods like spinach, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, turnips, green peas, beans, dates, kale, raw garlic, tomatoes, mangoes, grapes, berries, apples, apricots, oranges, milk (goat and ancient breeds) that contains A2 casein does not produce inflammatory effects, almonds, walnuts and other vitamin A and vitamin C rich foods is one of the simplest yet very significant natural remedies to improve Eyesight.
Risk of developing eye problems comes also from factors like inadequate posture while reading, watching television excessively, poor lighting, lack of sleep, straining the eyes by continuously working on computers for long duration and other such issues.It is important to correct it as soon as possible. To prevent eye problems take adequate steps to reduce anxiety and mental stress – Transcendental Meditation has shown the fastest and stable results.

Mentioned natural remedies can prevent the eyes from getting strained. If you are wearing spectacles, start using eye exercises and have a rich nutritious food.

You can add honey to carrot juice, blueberry juice, beet juice, spinach juice, aloe vera juice to improve your eyesight. A combination of natural juice like three parts of carrot juice and one part of beet juice with or without a teaspoon of parsley juice also works as an effective natural treatment of eyesight.

For example, regular consumption of a mixture of juices extracted from three carrots, one beet and a cucumber is useful in improving eyesight. Indian gooseberry juice mixed with some honey is particularly helpful when dealing with nearsightedness and cataract.
Use traditional and alternative solutions like yoga, acupressure, magnetic solution, chromosolution, Quantum technology and other thatare proven highly beneficial when performed under the supervision of an expert.

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