What’s the difference between Spooky Phanotron Tube and Spooky Straight Tube? Leave a comment

Many users asked about the differences between Spooky Phanotron Tube and Spooky Plasma Tube and which one to choose. This post will help you understand the differences and choose between the two.

The Differences
1. The gas used in the straight plasma tube is Argon. The Phanotron tube uses pure Helium, the best gas for plasma tubes.
2. The Phanotron tube electrodes provide stronger, more focused signals for localized treatment.
3. The frequency range of Phanotron tube is better than the straight plasma tube.
4. The Phanotron tube has a built-in holder, making the tube safer and more convenient to use.
5. The phanotron tube is for concentrated energy on a given issue, like a localized cancer, while the long tube is for scattered issues in the whole body, like disseminated pathogens.

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