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How to Change the Dwell Time of Frequencies Leave a comment

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Dwell is the amount of time in seconds you wish to transmit each frequency in your Program for. 180 seconds is a good default for each frequency. You can also specify individual frequency deviations from this default.

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There are two ways to change the dwell time of frequencies.

1. Create a whole new frequency program and specify the dwell you want to use on a per frequency or overall basis. You can check how to create a new program from this blog:
How to Create a Customized Frequency Set

There’s a demand =xxx for dwell time. For any frequencies, you can specify different dwells from the default you want applied to the rest. Just type an equal sign (the dwell command) followed by the dwell in seconds. For example, you would like to run 200 Hz for 600 seconds. You can type like this 200=600.

2. Use the dwell multiplier feature on the programs page to multiply the dwells by a common factor.

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#2 is the easiest method.

For instance, let’s say the programs have a default dwell of 180 seconds (3 minutes) and I want to have it fun for 5 minutes. I can use a dwell multiplier of 2 and settle for 6 minutes or use a dwell multiplier of 1.6665 to run for 5 minutes (4.9995 to be exact).

Keep in mind that anything that has an override like say one frequency may run for 5 minutes already, will be adjusted at the same ratio.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/1070109026484333/

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