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Which Preset Should We Use for Pulse Scan Results? Leave a comment

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Many people have confusions about whether using a killing or healing preset to run the pulse scan results. This article will explain which preset to use after you get pulse scan results.

When we do a biofeedback scan (either method) the frequency that we get back is what resulted in the feedback.

Without getting into all the technical details, you can use those frequencies in any shell preset since we know the frequency being used is what in fact did work — whether it was a killing or healing modality.

The time we use the different settings in a healing or killing shell is when we are not sure about the frequency in a program that was assembled in the past, as many of the programs were created using research on devices with far less capability than what we have access to today, many topping out at 100 kHz.

The altered settings also generate other frequencies, and this is important if the program we are working with is not the frequency that does the work, but it works with another frequency created by settings.

The Healing (x) – JW shell preset can perform killing modalities like Killing (x) – JW. Just Killing (x) – JW may not be as good for healing as it has additional settings that make a healing modality possibly less efficacious.

So to summarize, when in doubt, you can always start with Healing (x) – JW for both modalities.

Note: (x) = (R) (C) (P) as appropriate for method of delivery.


Authored by Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/1065236063638296/

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