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How to Reduce High Blood Pressure with Spooky2 10

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High blood pressure, or some may prefer hypertension, is a medical condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it causes health problems eventually, such as heart condition. It is a common medical problem among the general population, with 18% of adult men and 13% of adult women having high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood your heart pumps each time and the amount of resistance your blood experiences in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure.

You can have high blood pressure for years without experiencing any discomfort or noticing any symptoms. However, ignoring it will inevitably increase your risk of getting more severe health problems, including heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, with new technologies more reachable to everyone, you can always get a blood pressure monitor at home to detect. Once you know you have high blood pressure, you can seek medical help to control it.


Most people with high blood pressure have no signs or symptoms, even if their blood pressure readings have reached dangerously high levels. Some people may have headaches, shortness of breath, or nosebleeds, but these signs and symptoms aren’t specific and usually don’t occur until high blood pressure has reached a life-threatening stage. If you do experience these symptoms, you must go to a doctor immediately and do a thorough medical check on your body.

What are the natural ways of reducing high blood pressure?

1. Walk and exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the best practices you should keep to lower your high blood pressure. Regular exercise can make your heart stronger and more efficient at pumping blood. It decreases the blood pressure in your arteries.

2. Drink less alcohol

Drinking alcohol will definitely increase your blood pressure. In fact, alcohol is the vital cause of over 16% of high blood pressure cases worldwide. Although some research suggests that sipping a small amount of alcohol may protect the heart, those so-called benefits may be offset by adverse effects.

3. Reduce your salt/sodium intake

In fact, we are all consuming lots of salt around the world. One of the main reasons is because we tend to eat processed and prepared foods daily, which is very unhealthy. Fortunately, many public health organizations are trying to lower the use of salt in the food industry.

4. Eat berries

Berries are not just some tasty fruits. They are indeed filled with polyphenols, natural plant compounds that are good nutrient suppliers for your heart. Polyphenols can reduce the risk of stroke, heart conditions, and diabetes. It can also relieve your high blood pressure.

How to reduce high blood pressure with Spooky2?

Frequency healing solution is an alternative solution to traditional medical solution. It does not have any side effects. If you intend to reduce your blood pressure in a natural way, frequency healing solution would be a good choice for you.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database which includes many beneficial frequencies. You can use these frequencies to help yourself, or your family members.

For instance, you can type in blood pressure in the Spooky2 database, select frequencies, and run them in your Generator to reduce your blood pressure.

  • Hardware:

Spooky2 GeneratorX/Spooky2 XM Generator

Spooky2 Remote

  • Software:

Open your Spooky2 software, go to the Presets tab, and select Shell (Empty) Presets > Remote > Healing (R) – JW

Then, go to the Programs tab and type in keywords “blood pressure”. Select the program(s) you would like to run.

Double click to load the program(s). Then, go to the Control tab, choose your Generator, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and click “Start” button to start reducing your blood pressure.

A real testimonial

I’m a 57-year-old American living in Milwaukee Wisconsin. For many years, I worked very hard physically and mentally during the day and at night. I relaxed at my computer with my alcohol and cigarettes. As life has gone on, too much work and play have started to run me down with high blood pressure and loss of short-term memory, lack of sleep and just feeling harder and harder to feel energetic and positive.

I bumped into Spooky2 on the internet and I had already researched Royal Rife years ago. Almost immediately, I felt a powerful urge to purchase! I just trusted every word I read and felt very confident about Spooky2.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I’m already very amazed! I first wanted to say that I have not had a cold or flu for at least 20 years and when I first started using Spooky, different programs experimenting, I started to feel like I was getting a powerful cold. I was sneezing a lot and blowing my nose with huge amounts filling the tissue. It was like my head was filled to capacity with snot and it all had to come out. And it did!

It was about 10 days of feeling like a powerful cold. But I know that this machine does detox without doing a specific detox program. I stuck with it until the cold was over and my head is amazingly empty and clear! I developed some small rashes in the groin area and that has gone away also.

I purposely didn’t take my blood pressure medication and after work, I settled in with my drinks and smokes. I then activated and ran the Spooky2 Hypertension program, had my first drink and took my blood pressure. It was 159/99. Within a half-hour, it was 151/91. I continued drinking, smoking and my computer world entertainment and checked my pressure every hour (with two different Pressure machines) and each hour it went down and down…while smoking and drinking. Now that’s REAL HARD PROOF! Spooky2 is working!

At the end of the night, after hours of relaxing, smoking and drinking, my blood pressure was 130/ 80. I looked up perfect blood pressure and found a site that listed them by age and gender, and for my age and gender, 130/ 80 is the exact number! I could not believe it!

ATTENTION: Everybody please notice this.
Drinking and smoking together will always drive your blood pressure higher, even with medication.

I have done this experiment 3 different times and it has always brought my pressure down to perfect or normal. I’m so proud of Spooky2!

I am completely truthful and honest with every word I have written. I also know I’m going to expand my program and buy a few more things that I know will enhance my life greatly.

It’s been three weeks. I could not be happier, more satisfied and confident about my best life possible with my little buddy Spooky2. Thank you very much!

Source: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/spooky2-is-so-effective-for-my-high-blood-pressure/

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  1. Thank you for your information and help. You say “I have done this experiment 3 different times and it has always brought my pressure down to perfectly normal.” Why did you need to do it three different times please, didn’t your b.p, stay down the first time? I also would like to bring my b.p, down. I am quite new to Spooky and learning. Thanks again for your video.

    1. Hi, this success case is provided by one of our Spooky2 users, so we cannot give you much more detail. You can have a try with this program by yourself and l believe you will feel amazing at it!

  2. For those with HBP, would this be run 24/7 as a custom program?

    1. Hi, if you want this custom program to run 27/7, you can change the data of Repeated Chain on the Programs tab to “0”. Any questions, please feel free to send them to [email protected]🙂

  3. Under the preset I only have one High Blood Pressure but your list here shows 2. How do I get the other one to appear in the program list?

    1. Dear Nina, we update our software on a regular basis and there may be some cases where programs are optimised, but not the vast majority of them. The pictures in the blog are just an example and you can use them as a reference to run the program you want to run. If you still want to run a program that is not in your software, you can create your own program based on the frequencies listed in the picture. This blog will teach you how to create a program: https://www.rifemachineblog.com/how-to-create-a-program/. Hope it helps. Any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected].

  4. do you add DNA to the remote ?

    1. Hi Gail, a DNA sample is definitely required when using Remote mode. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].

  5. OH and how long do you run this? on average.

    1. Hi Gail, everyone’s health is different and you can adjust how long you want to run it depending on your situation.

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