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How to Tell If Your Generator Is Running 14

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There are couple places you can check, and usually I would check them all to verify everything is sound.

1. The generator control button in the software will be green.

Control Tab

2. The display on the generator itself has an indicator for ON(Blue)/OFF(Red) for each channel. It is in the upper right corner of each logical section of the screen.

Generator Screen 1

3. The display on the generator will also show the frequency in use. Look at the line that starts with F= just below the graphic icon of a squiggly line. This should read something other than all zeros.

Generator Screen 2

4. Finally, you can check if using a remote, that the LEDs are doing something.


Authored by: Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/885922528236318/

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  1. I had a situation where only 1 red light on remote was on. All preset frequencies where running 3 times faster.
    When I saw this, I stopped the program. I think I made a programming mistake. I still don’t know what it was.
    Not very healthy.

    1. Maybe you change the ‘Age Factor’ to 3 in the ‘control’ page, you can adjust it to 1.

  2. The generator works but the display screen is illegible due to back light issues within the unit.

    1. Hi, please try to check it in another direction.

  3. Does the hardware have a digital readout lighting intensity to the display screen? The hardware only shows a dim lit led screen un legible. of any color scheme except blacked out.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear that and we do not have lighting intensity to the display screen now and for your dim lit led, could you please also send photo to our service: [email protected] and they will double confirm for you.

  4. My Spooky2 Generator is showing that the ON/OFF indicators to be OFF. How do I get them to reflect the blue ON.
    The bar in the middle does not seem to activate anything if pressed.

    1. Have you turned on the switch on the generator machine? Also please note that it is to open the generator first, then open the software.

  5. Hi, I have a question about the generator. If the F line has all zeros on it, how do I get that to work? Assuming I have a connection problem with the generator. As I also see that I have no lights on the remote.

    They were working, but the software said there was a connection problem with the generator. So I turned it all off and started again. But now the light zeros are not displaying a frequency.

    1. Hi, Shelley. Please feel free to send your question to [email protected], better with some photos or videos of your setups, our support team will help you have a further check and reply to you ASAP:)

  6. After I override and the program loads, when I hit start the generator light turns yellow and the program doesn’t start.

    1. Hi, yellow light means the preset you have chosen will run at a specific time. You can check the run time of this preset from its Note area under Preset tab:)

  7. Is the display window of the generator able to be dimmed or turned off without it stopping?

    1. Dear friend, when you’re running the program, the display window of the generator can’t be turned off.

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