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A new study out of University of Vermont has shown that chili pepper can help you live longer up to 13% of your life.

The Peppers Study Details:

Peppers have been used in foods since a long time ago. In 2015, a study out of China has examined the connection between spicy foods and longevity. It provided evidence shown that peppers can actually reduce the risk of death from almost all causes.

However, eating habits and types of foods may be different from countries. In the new study of University of Vermont, the authors therefore, decided to confirm the connection between peppers and health in the States.

According to the new study, scientists analyzed more than 16,000 Americans of their eating habits and the results showed that those had eaten at least one chili pepper per month can reduce their risk of death by 33.6% to 21.6%. One more interesting fact on this study is that those participants who regularly eaten peppers stay much younger and most of them are male compared to those who didn’t regularly eat peppers.

Also, in this study, scientists mentioned that it is likely to be one of its components in peppers called Capsaicin in the case of reducing the risk of death. Capsaicin is a type of antimicrobial which can help with many metabolic diseases. The authors also mentioned that peppers can provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and therefore prevent many chronic diseases.

The Benefits of Spicy Foods:

Besides extending your life longer, peppers, as well as other spicy foods also have other benefits to your health as listed below.

Natural Appetite Suppressants.

According to one study of Purdue University, adding cayenne to your regular meal can make you feel less hungry and lower your desire for salty and fatty foods. Hot peppers are considered as natural appetite suppressants.

Heart Health. 

Capsaicin contained in peppers also can reduce heart related problems by lowering cholesterol level in our body. It is also an anti-inflammatory food which can protect your body from inside.

Cool down your body.

Spicy foods not only can warm you up in cold days, it can also cool down your body in hot months. It can increase your internal temperature in order to meet the outside environment. Increased blood circulation can make you start to sweat, which can cool your off during evaporating.


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