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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 12: How To Get Rid of Flu, Cold and Viral Infections Leave a comment

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When I notice the onset of a viral infection, (flu) or cold, the first thing I do is to take a lot of fluid and drink a tea that will stimulate a bowel movement.

Then I reduce my food intake and eat only light food: no sugar, no meat, no eggs, no milk or oily stuff. I usually replace a meal with a vegetable juice AND GET PLENTY OF REST THAT NIGHT, EARLY TO BED, from 8pm to 10 pm and no later.

If I get a chance I take a hot shower or bath with Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide. Usually this is enough to stop the incubation/infestation of a virus/flu but in case of mutants and lab – generated viruses, it might take one, two or even three days of treatment. If you are not strict with the treatment, the flu may continue for one or two weeks, but without severe, painful symptoms.

Simultaneously, I shift my focus onto myself. I stop focusing on business and other obligations, just postpone it all. If you have a family or kids, just reduce your activity to what’s most important.

This decision is critical to give our system a chance to regain strength and balance necessary to stop viral invasion. When we focus on the self, naturally our breathing becomes more balanced; we should have long deep inhalations and even longer exhalations. It is important to breathe naturally without forcing it so that we do not get tired from the exercise.

We can repeat the exercise as often as we can since what we are doing is just returning from a “sick breathing” pattern to normal/natural healthy breathing. It is desirable to do it in a place with fresh air, open a window, or walk in the park, forest, whatever is available.

Summarize simply.

First, we stopped taking additional food into our body.
Try hot water or some juices and drinks.

Second, get a lot of sleep.
But it doesn’t mean that you should do some vigorous exercise at the same time every hour during the day.

If it doesn’t help, we go to someone else, if you don’t have heart problems or some other condition that is affected by the heat, we can spend twenty thirty minutes under the sun as long as we can. repeat it a couple of times to heat our body. because viruses will die on high temperature, most of them that newly created once are more resistant.

And if it doesn’t help at that time, you can start using turmeric ginger and pepper and mix them together with honey.

You can also put them in Cup of hot water and drink it.

For kids it’s not pleasant, we have to put it in plastic capsules. give them three four capsules every four to six hours, you have a lot.

Sometimes if you don’t have other things, it’s easy to get hydrogen peroxide. It’s available in most pharmacies in the world.put fifteen drops in a Cup of water Mexican drink every few hours and can work.

If we have more hydrogen peroxide, we can put it in a cup of hot water, we take about twenty to forty minutes. we can use Epsom Salt, it can help a lot.

I wish you all success.

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