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Say Goodbye to Fibromyalgia with Spooky2 2

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People often experience pain after working for a long time, and you may think this pain comes from your joints or muscles. However, if you have fibromyalgia, you could feel pain without apparent causes. What is fibromyalgia? Keep reading and find the answer.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic pain disorder characterized by heightened sensitivity to pressure. Patients experience fatigue, sleep disturbances, cognitive impairment, and mood disorders in conjunction with pain. Most scientists believe that fibromyalgia changes the central nervous system’s processing of pain and non-pain signals, amplifying pain perception.

When people get fibromyalgia, the pain usually lasts for more than three months. Surprisingly, although the patient may feel pain, they do not have any problems with their joints. Patients often feel fatigued and achy, as if they have been exercising all day.


Doctors still do not know the exact cause of this fibromyalgia. Here are some possible factors.

Gender: Regardless of race or ethnicity, women are more vulnerable to fibromyalgia than men, particularly those who have crossed the age of 40.

Age: Fibromyalgia can affect individuals of any age, including children. However, people of middle age are more likely to get this condition.

Genetic: Fibromyalgia has a familial tendency. Many scientists posit that some genes may make it easier to develop.

Pressure: Experiencing prolonged periods of excessive anxiety may result in the development of fibromyalgia.

Other conditions: If you have many other conditions, particularly rheumatic or other painful conditions, your likelihood of developing fibromyalgia may increase.


The diagnosis of fibromyalgia requires at least 3 months of widespread pain with one or more of the following symptoms:

Chronic Pain: Long-term pain is the main symptom of this condition. You may feel aching, burning, or throbbing pain in your arms, legs, head, chest, abdomen, back, and buttocks. For some people, pain improves during the day and gets worse at night. Some people have pain all day long.

Fatigue: You feel fatigued from time to time and always want to rest.

Trouble Sleeping: You cannot sleep well as before.

How Can Spooky2 Help with Fibromyalgia

If fibromyalgia bothers you, you can follow the steps below to use Spooky2 to relieve it.

Connect Spooky2 Boost to the generator. Then, connect a pair of TENS pads to the High-Power port of Spooky2 Boost.

Turn on your generator and open Spooky2 software.
Select > Shell (Empty) Presets > Contact > Healing(C)-JW.

Click the Programs tab, search “Fibromyalgia”, and select the programs you want to use.

Choose the correct port, tick “Overwrite Generator”, and start running the programs.

Testimonial from Our Customers

Thousands of people have benefited from Spooky2 with their health problems, and it has obtained a great deal of praise. Here is an example of how a client applied Spooky2 to treat his fibromyalgia and began to see Spooky2‘s full potential.


Although there is no consensus on how to treat fibromyalgia, there are ways to alleviate it, such as Spooky2. Spooky2 can relieve fibromyalgia naturally without any side effects. Spooky2 believes that everyone can take control of their life. The earlier you purchase Spooky2, the quicker you say goodbye to your pain.

If you have any questions, please comment below, or you can consult our customer service for more devices. Click here for more about Spooky2.

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  1. I see you are using contact (tens pads). There are so many fibromyalgia programs that it would take many hours to sit with tens pads on. Exactly which fibromyalgia programs did you select and how did you where them for hours. Wearing while sleeping doesn’t work well for me as I get up in middle of night a few times to go to the bathroom.

    1. Dear Carol, you can choose the program you want to run according to your situation. If you find it troublesome to run contact mode, you can choose another mode, for example remote mode, you don’t need to connect any accessories to your body, it’s very convenient. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our email: [email protected]. We’ll provide someone to help you with more details.

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