If your Spooky Remote LEDs don't light up, here are some steps you can follow to examine your Spooky Remote works OK.

Try running something using the JW - Killing (Remote) preset as a test, since this uses more voltage, and see if the LEDs light. If not, then examine the following.

What you can check is the following, in the most likely order why your remote is not lighting up.

1. Cables or Boost connection to the generator is secure.

2. Remote is secure to the boost. Ensure that the connector is locked over the pins.

3. Ensure the generator switches from OFF to ON on the display in both the top and bottom status boxes when a channel starts to run.

4. Ensure that inverse+sync was selected for Column 2 in the software. If by any chance this got set to Follow Out 1, the waveforms will cancel out.

5. Ensure that the 2nd line of each of the status boxes on the generator"s display show a frequency other than 0. If the display shows F=00"000"000.00, this is usually a sign that the generator is not communicating with Spooky2 properly.

Please check the link here to solve your problem:

6. Screenshots of the configuration in use, along with the Channel Control Window contents while it is running are good to pinpoint the issue.

If this pans out, then try the other remote in your kit. If it lights, and when you swap back the other does not, then you may have a real issue with your remote.