What is the difference between each delivery method and what has the best efficacy? 6

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Plasma: Delivers frequencies via multiple mediums. Radio Frequencies, Electromagentic Frequencies, etc.

Contact: Delivers frequencies via electrical current.

Remote: Delivers information of frequencies via quantum entanglement.

PEMF Coil: Delivers frequencies via Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Ultrasonic: Delivers frequencies via sound waves direct to the body. Not all frequencies delivered can be heard by the human ear.

Frequency Range

Plasma: 0 Hz – 3.5 MHz
Note: Frequencies below 100 kHz are delivered using beat frequencies (frequency sideband). Possible to generate frequencies above 3.5 MHz using sidebands as well.

Contact: 0 Hz – 25 Mhz

Remote: 0 Hz – 25 Mhz

PEMF Coil: 0 Hz – 20 MHz when connected to the generator. 100 Hz fixed frequency when used from the Spooky Central.

Ultrasonic: 0 Hz – 1 MHz

Summary of Efficacy

Plasma = Fastest efficacy, best penetration of body and hollow organs.

Contact = Next best efficacy, attenuation factors to consider. Can’t be used with pacemakers, etc… Multiple repeats in a day do not translate into better efficacy. Can be overdone, wrong application of settings can result in skin burns.

PEMF = Total different use and efficacy. Probably not best for killing pathogens directly, best used in conjunction with other delivery methods. Great for healing modalities and entrainment. Most likely best method for stimulating cell growth and repair.

Ultrasonic = Great penetration of body. Sound (frequencies) actually travels better in water than air. Probably best to be used in conjunction with other delivery methods.

Remote = Slowest efficacy, but can be done 24/7. The others require dedicated sit time. Distance is not a factor. Can combine multiple programs at once using more than one generator and remote. Constant presence of frequency information over time may surpass efficacy of too little time spent with other methods.

Of note, one typically must repeat a frequency set via contact once per day over 7 days to achieve a certain level of efficacy. You can usually gain the same level of efficacy from remote running this same frequency set 24/7 on remote over 5 days (120 loops). Meaning while on day 1, contact will have a faster efficacy than remote, over a week, remote may outperform contact.

In the end, a combination of all or some of the above 5 methods would prove to be more effective than just one alone.

Authored by: Jeff Kaczor

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/591867337641840/

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  1. Good day..
    I would just like to know how many peoples DNA can I place in the remote at once. Can multiple people be treated through one remote at a time doing the sweep programs. Thanks. Marjolein Joubert. From South Africa.

    Marjolein Joubert
    1. Hi, Marjolein Joubert. Not more than two persons’ DNA. We recommend you only put one person’s DNA into Remote and if you want to place another person’s DNA, you should be careful they are not mixed. Use two tapes cover and separate DNA. Sweep can find all frequencies according to the DNA you put in Sample Digitizer.

      1. What do you mean by sweep ? Thanks I have a GX

        1. Hi, it means some sweep programs. Learn more details from this post: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/presets-for-spooky-sweep/

  2. Where does cold laser fit in this article???

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, we will work on this:)

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