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We have just uploaded the 3 January 2016 release of Spooky2 and the acccompanying Spooky2 User’s Guide here:


There are 2 big changes in this month’s release of Spooky2.

Beat frequencies can be programmed into the database either by using the new F & C commands in the database or from the Program Options pane.

Applying a small frequency offset between the two inputs of Spooky Central creates a slow pulsing of the Output. This is similar to gating. An important difference is that the pulsing energy is sinusoidal, with gentle waves. This is a beat frequency.

Researchers often apply a 0.1 Hz difference when mixing 2 signals, with the hope of replicating the historical success of Aubrey Scoon, a renowned Rife researcher. This produces a 0.1 Hz sinusoidal beat frequency. Whilst the method is being applied correctly, it is important to know why beat frequencies are so desirable.

Resonance from fields is power specific. At optimum power levels the maximum field energy is transferred to the target. Too much or too little hampers results. Contact mode treatments are best performed using around 200 – 500 micro amps, but this differs greatly between individuals, contact placement and objective. Magnetic fields are also power critical. Most people use gating to guarantee that the power “sweet spot” is crossed many times as the signal turns on and off. A beat frequency is an improved way of doing this. The strength of the combined amplitudes is sinusoidal so the optimum power is applied for a greater period of time.

Beat frequencies have another advantage over gating. The output duty cycle varies from zero to 50% as the signals merge. This creates a wave motion in the strength of the harmonics, boosting the power as the transmission energy is distributed. More harmonics will enter the region of optimum power. Gating can still be applied since the abrupt application of a disabling frequency gives the best results.

The frequency of a beat signal is the difference in frequencies of the inputs. A beat signal can be used in contact mode to apply low frequency signals to the body. The high frequency component of the signal penetrates cells easier.

Channel Shadowing has made Spooky much more powerful. One generator can now follow any other, with a multiplier and offset if required. Imagine a bank of 20 generators, each producing different harmonics of the other. The generators may be daisy-chained or all follow a master generator. The options are endless. This is Spooky!

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