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Spooky2 5th Anniversary World Tour First Stop – The USA Review Leave a comment

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This year is the fifth year of Spooky2. We have organized Spooky2 World Tours to celebrate its Birthday with our users together.

The first stop is in the United States. There are four main meet-up events in Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York. The meetings went very well and were quite memorable. We are deeply impressed by our users’enthusiasm and support for Spooky2. This is a great motivation for us to continuously develop Spooky2 to be the most affordable and powerful rife system.

If you were unable to participate the USA World Tour, here is the fantastic video review.

In this review video, you will see:

  • Rife History and Rife Machine Working Theory Introduction
  • A Speech of Spooky2 Mission, Vision Value, and the Passion
  • Spooky2 Hardware and Software Operation
  • Spooky2 Scalar Introduction
  • Q&A Discussions


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