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A year after the release of the first edition of the book “The Frequencies of Rifing”, we want to better describe how this book can be useful to all owners of Spooky2.

We know very that Spooky2 has the remarkable ability to solve health problems. Its database contains many thousands of entries, including the organs and systems of the human body, pathogens, diseases, homeopathic products, minerals, vitamins, chakras, and much more. To find an item that interests us, usually we just enter it in the “Search” box to get a list of all the programs concerning that topic.

But this book can give us much more help.

Frequencies of Rifing is a comprehensive list of all frequency sets used for Spooky2, and much more.

More than 7,000 programs are listed (182 pages full color). They cover the human body, pathogens, diseases, homeopathic products, minerals, vitamins, chakras and more. They are sorted and cataloged in a very clever way that makes it much easier to find the information that will allow you to make the best program choices.

Also included are the frequencies used in Magnetotherapy, Light/Color Therapy, LED, and laser therapies.

Thanks to the fact that all the programs related to a topic are collected together in a paragraph, you can easily understand how to approach a problem. Each entry is also accompanied by explanatory notes, then the list of frequencies. By comparing the frequencies of two similar or related items, it also becomes simple to judge the best program to use.

This book is the result of infinite patience, anatomical knowledge, skill, and time spent by our friend and collaborator, Marcello Allegretti, who, like us, wants to spread the Spooky2 technology worldwide.

You can find the paperback here.

This book is the perfect companion for your Spooky rig because it allows you to take control of your health quicker.

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