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This is shared by one of our Spooky2 users.
Here’s a note of discovery~
I’m literally now going 70-85% recovery rate up and down and up and down and up and down.

The infected tooth being pulled out apparently unleashed a total nightmare…. the bone pain is so severe radiating from heat to chest is so bad that I can’t open eyes proper.

Lipo C, Ozone 10 pass, Turpentine and Oregano are all going down at once daily to manage this. It’s extremely aggressive and vicious. It’s truly shocking how and where this just sort of went “all hell broke loose” style on me. The same pain I had before I started Spooky2. I really really struggled on this one. It feels like I’m back to zero.

Something’s not right.
There’s NO reason at all that removing a bad apple can make you worse. Something else is going on, especially I only altered 1-2 gens programs out of the 25 gens on the same ones prior surgery. There are no variables in this to alter the results.

My 1st surgery was the opposite molar, it healed in 24-48hr w zero complications. And the right one should follow the same process expectedly since nothing’s changed at all. That tells me there’s something lurking underneath.

Going w my current viral focused programs, it works for first 2 days, then it stalled. I waited, no progress; waited again, still no progress. I know it’s then something else since spooky2 is effective immediately. I did a New scan with my note pad, everything it zaps hard, I write down the frequency.

When scan results are completed, I see the usual condition reads, infections, virus, etc. Same basic pattern. I ran Plasma against it. I felt slightly better but not much with the understanding that enemies are always prepping and invading rather than sitting still “waiting”. They’re on the Offense never Defense.

So yes On & off and on & off simultaneously all in one day. Fever up, fever down repeatedly. It’s really hardcore considering my attacks were really brutal w all the BEST I got. I mean I’m pretty BRUTAL going all in always as it is. So when I learned that it’s even PERSISTENT against direct ozone. That’s when I broke my glasses…. Quite vicious indeed… Because just when I thought I’m winning then 2 hours later, it’s BACK in full force!!!

They’re truly not joking when they say the “final stretch” is the HARDEST. At least that means I’m getting something RIGHT. Pulling out “roots” that are deeply entangled w your tissues, cells and fibrous structures is HARDWORK. So I don’t assume this one would be easy at all. And that’s let alone all the cell toxins full of bacteria and mold in your blood stream as the by products of your killings.

For me, it’s literally that if you’ll go hard at it, you MUST FINISH the job to get to a milestone. If you stop, you get hit the 2nd time herxing, huge toxic die offs floating in your blood stream taxing on your lymph system and already infected and damaged organs. It’s called taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

I wasn’t gonna do that ever. I did my 3 steps forward and I stood my ground w binders, Ozone, Turpentine etc. now the cell toxins are FORTUNATELY & AWESOMELY released into my blood stream instead of hiding inside my cells. It’s a PERFECT opportunity to kill them all, bag them and took them to the trash bin. I did that exactly, so my progress is mine to claim and no steps taken back whatsoever. It worked wonders.

Body is so amazingly smart, I’m never ceased to be impressed. This dialogue we have w each other is so helpful in guiding me on what to do. I don’t exp herx much or long Because I take care of it immediately and interchangeably. I learned that once you do that and get to your “milestone”, it does in fact stay there rewarding you w a new sense of “good health” until the next round of battle begins when the next layer reveals itself. It DOES work that way amazingly, it’s truly stage by stage, wave by wave which I learned over time. So long I tough out and get to the next wave, I’m good. No taking 2 steps back for me easing the killings of whatever stage I was on. No giving them breathing room to call their backup army on me whatsoever. These buggers are FAST.

So now, nothing seem to work that has a sustainable effect w this very very NEW exp w this horrific bone/face/head/jaw/chest pain that just bombarded me viciously. Not deterred (as usual), I then deployed my new WEAPON.

I then ran my own custom program from the “painful zaps” (about 60 of them), it literally effectively reduced my pain by 80% in only hours then the buggers creeped back slightly. I ran it again overnight, 90% gone then creeped back, then again, then 100% gone then creeped back. Whatever this is, it’s VICIOUS!

I sat down and ran it again and jotted down the MOST painful zap out of the 60, then I found this one frequency which led me to BLACK DEATH, a bacillus bacteria in Anthrax family called Yersinia, which managed to kill 1/3 of Europe from 30s to 60s. It’s so deadly that one dies in 24hr. It’s a plague and the pneumonia specie is the most vicious. 1-15% die if treated, 40-60% die if not treated. Back in the days, they used fire, herbs and all sorts to win this without antibiotics. There were survivors (1 out of 2 ppl) without modern medicine and I suppose this could be why I’m still alive. I went from initially popping 100 (super expansive & high tech) nutritious pills/liquids a day, then solely Ozone then solely spooky2 since April.

It now makes sense why I keep getting chest pain w pneumonia symptoms. The aggressive mucous and green spit, chest gets better and the pain of the extraction site lessens and more bad blood comes out days after surgery. All those events all felt like a flu but apparently it wasn’t at all. I guess this is why doctors often misdiagnosed but throw antibiotic at it anyways and keep giving you the new ones until it hit the “spot.” A dummy way but a common way unfortunately.

With mold infections, AB makes me much worse unfortunately and make viral infections much much worse as well. I can’t afford to be a human experiment taking one AB after another until something works. I abandoned that route long ago and never looked back. I also learned that no wonder people stay sick, it’s all truly complicated with many many many complexities. Doctors may not know how to trouble shoot to begin with and MOST IMPORTANTLY no way ANYONE would spend that MUCH time on you to investigate and journal your progress while basically knowing nothing about your biofeedback. Plus biologies are still unknown anyways to be begin with even today.

This gave me yet another deeper understanding as to why people get sick and just stay sick and/or just keep on returning or their healing is actually walking on ice with lots of restrictions and conditions and vice versa. The issues most likely aren’t tackled or at all, the roots are still deep into the soil in the abyss.

Without my commitment to my own body, I could easily fall onto the way side as well. But that’s because it’s MY body and it’s really a FULL TIME job in itself. I ask SO many Q all the time and extremely reactionary and pro active. It’s overwhelming and too much thinking involved and too many cross referencing needed to find “it.” that’s really really REALLY DIFFICULT. A lot of guesses and trial and errors and you can’t give up either.

So I can’t imagine having to do that for someone else. I will fail if that’s my job Because there’s just too much to track and analyze and you don’t really have that many hours in a day for someone even if they pay you to do that. You need to keep a log basically so your assessment can be more and more precise as you go. And so let alone seeing so many people at once, how in the world can you digest all that information to come up w a solution that hits the spot based on progressions?

Doctors follow procedures and routines and patterns to solve problems, it’s like a cattle call, your problems are almost always overlooked and so unsolved cases are common. They see a huge problem and throw a tiny little bone at it and hope it stick until your next appointment. That could be 20yr of your life waiting for someone to relieve you because the solutions are so fractional and so it’s diminished as soon as it’s received. So doctors aren’t effective and it’s only natural and sensible. Incurable conditions need no doctors, it needs YOU.

Anyways, I ditched my 60 custom frequency program, and loaded ALL Yersinia programs on Spooky2 at a total of 9hr on 1 generator. It’s been several hours, almost no more new pain returned. It’s extremely promising and hopeful.

But the programs are way too long so I’m going to load this 9hr programs onto 5-9 gens instead, so the run time each will be no more than 2 hours each. This is where I find it so hard to see people with big problems but having only one generator and finding it ineffective. I’m a newbie too, so I don’t doctor anyone but myself. Solely my experiences and my opinions. But it’s just really difficult to hear these stories knowing in my heart that it will never work with just one generator, not for me for sure.

These microbes are powerful, extremely so, the amount of frequencies that need to go out and shoot the guys are so abundant that it takes TIME. Hundreds of hours just for bartonella for instance, what about supporting the kidney detox or manage your herpes that invade every second? I generally try to run no longer than 30min-1hr per generator for very core issues just to cover only part of that one microbes family. So it takes 4-5 gens sometimes just to hit HHV Virus and nothing else. Anyways, it’s truly a numbers game, nothing more. Again, personal opinion, not medical advice or spooky doctor here.

Anyways, that’s my story, and more time have passed since I’m writing this for a while. The vicious pain we are on here is now very BARELY noticeable. Wow Bravo! I def took extreme measure this time because it was so tough this one guy. And I didn’t know what the issue was at all since running scan results were so minimally beneficial and virus targets hit a stall. I was LOST. So I began the journey to un-lose myself.

Even tho Yersinia is indeed on my #1 hit in my scan results under some commonly shared virus labels. (I did verify that by putting in that one frequency to see if it’s even included in my scan.) well it is. But it didn’t say Yersinia, I had to do the work personally to find it out myself.

So those who ask me about the diagnostic Power of spooky2, well it doesn’t tell me directly, always indirectly. We just can’t be lazy I guess, we need to do the leg work ourselves. And the trials and errors I suppose. If that zap didn’t happen, honestly I would not know at all that it’s Yersinia.

I’m truly grateful to spooky2 no matter what. I love this tool w all my heart and have no complaints about any lack thereof whatsoever and I’ll happily figure things out myself. When the software/hardware gets better later, it’ll save me time; if not, I love it just the same. Such a blessing one man who conceived of this and now here we are. Human intellect remain the one thing that truly inspires me.

Ok, that’s my story, another enemy down. What’s next? We will have to see what else is left now. I still have Lyme I’m sure but I’m still not targeting Lyme frequencies yet. My gut says leave it for later (and if there will still be one then). I’m hoping there won’t be however. Just like Candida, it should not have gone this far if not for AB. Slime mold counts are now so few that I can feel my soft feet again. I feel very blessed and very lucky. Thank you Spooky2.

Upwards and onwards. I hope this writing and metrology could help you find your issue too if and when you also hit some blocks on the way. Happy healing everybody.

Ps. My assessment as to why Ozone failed to address it this time, same surgery as the week before but opposite side, is as follows.

1. Ozone doesn’t penetrate cells, but Lipo C does. So fresh surgical wound w operational bacteria and debris or in the blood stream are immediately addressed. But cells integrated with the bacteria already are internal and the abrasive ozone can only touch on the outer layer of the cell and not inner layer. Because by the time it gets inside, it’s already pure oxygen, no longer the unstable 3 molecules Ozone.

2. Also, once the root or host of this infection is disturbed, the nearby branches began to move and travel. While chest, opposite jaws Etc are beginning to become centralized to “protect “ their next at the the infected bone site. It felt as if suddenly all hell broke loose. But in fact, chaos is the sign of healing. The insane cough led to lighter chest, healthier gum and less inflamed sinus as green Mucous continue to get expelled. So while the extraction site fell no change fundamentally speaking, it’s already being derailed as well as unleashed. It’s truly biowarfare.

3. Lastly, Chi Gong master says in Chinese medicine the methodology is the same. If the right hurts, fix the left. If the left hurts, fix the right. If the top hurts, fix the bottom. If the front hurts, fix the back. Time and time again, Chinese physics has been so dead on thru my healing journey. I don’t know how the ancient knows without x Ray, mri or microscope. They just do.

For that reason, I deeply value “observations” as well as “visualizations” based on Nature, rather than looking at things on both linear and microscopic level when problem solve. It will become a maze then.

A “bio compass” is what I keep in mind when I observe and analyze my issues. That all things are just manifestations of the same things, that blood stream is like rivers and streams; that all forms and shapes are just branches of the same roots. That’s my mentality.

The more complex it is, the more simple it must be. All part of Tao teaching on “balance” and “oppositions.” Just a mind set. Day and night vs good and bad bacteria, versus good and bad mold. If you have a dominating species of fungus, it’ll swallow the lesser species. So the (bad) mold inside of you if weaker than kombucha mother or Chaga ( the king of mushroom) you consume then ingesting it will kill the bad mold inside you. Same as mercury, it’s toxic but if mixed w another substance, it becomes the antidote.

I don’t process information the same way conventional medicine does. I have a bio map or compass and principles that I keep in my mind to receive information in organized ways. Without them, you’ll end up running in circles, which I think is what’s happening w modern science and medicine. What’s true yesterday is now false tomorrow.

PHD is completely over rated and an invented doctrine I don’t believe in. No one should give anyone such authority to anyone body or mind. The Doctor culture is so fixed in our system it really terrifies me. I don’t know what the future is but I surely won’t raise kids in a society that impose their idiocy of medicine onto you. They’re like demons…

Authored by: Miss Dragonette

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