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Frequencies shake things. Small objects shake faster than larger objects. Different frequencies shake differently sized objects. This shaking can help the body heal or it can kill small germs. It all depends on the speed of the shaking.

The different databases in Spooky have different frequencies. Some frequencies are designed to harm bad germs, and some are designed to heal. Here is a quick summary of each database’s function:

The Main database has both killing and healing frequencies. Generally the low frequencies are healing. These are often used for detoxing or entrainment. Higher frequencies are usually used for killing. The program notes provide more information for users.

A useful blog is written to help distinguish healing and killing frequencies:

Base Pair database frequencies are all killing. The frequencies are designed to cut the DNA ribbon inside cells. Once the ribbon is cut, the cell dies.

DNA database frequencies are also all killing. They kill the cell using a different method to the Base Pair frequencies. They damage the whole DNA ribbon instead of cutting it.

Molecular weight database frequencies are calculated to have the same natural frequency of a substance, so they copy the substance. For example, using the Molecular Weight frequency of an essential oil can be healing, but using a molecular weight for an antibiotic drug is killing.


Authored by John White

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