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Welcome to Spooky2, you will have the best and reliable Rife machine to beat your diseases here.

So what items are needed to start rifing?

1. The most important is the Spooky2 software, freely download here.
2. A Spooky2-XM frequency generator ($100).
3. For optimum remote transmission, you'll need a Spooky2 Remote v2.0 for each generator ($48.00).
4. To quadruple contact power and double remote power for one generator, you'll need a Spooky2 Boost v3.1 ($18).
5. For contact transmission, a set of handheld electrodes is required - Spooky2 Hand Cylinders cost $20.
6. Optional: Spooky2 Pulse biofeedback unit ($58) or Spooky2 GeneratorX for fast scan.
7. Optional: plasma transmission needs a Spooky2 Plasma or Spooky2 Central.

To make things quicker and easier, we have put together the following kits:

If you are a Spooky2 beginner, you can start from Starter's kit, which includes all your need to start rifing, and it includes one generator:

Normally we would recommend our users to take at least 2 generators set, especially for acute problems, chronic problems or serious problems like Cancer, Lyme Disease or Morgellons which involve many pathogens. There is a specific purpose behind running 2 Spooky2 generators at once. One generator is running programs for killing pathogens, bacteria and viruses. The result would be toxic debris from the destroyed microbes, pathogens, bacteria and viruses. The other generator is running various detoxification programs, which can detoxify the lymph system, liver and kidneys to address the potential detoxification issue.

If you are confused about why multiple generators are suggested for certain diseases, please read here.

With four generators, you can use one for detox, one for killing, one for pain control and one for organ support.

If you want to start from 2 generators, below is what I would suggest you to buy:

If you want to start from 4 generators, below is what I would suggest you to buy:

All above 3 kits have Spooky2-XM generator included.

If you want to do the fast biofeedback scan, we highly recommend Spooky2 GeneratorX for you.

GeneratorX will give you a list of frequency hits according to your biofeedback in minutes. It detects the frequency of all the micro-organisms your body is unlucky enough to have.

What’s more, each GeneratorX contains 2 function generators. GX can run at 40 MHz with any waveform, and can also load up to 30 programs from Spooky to run standalone without a computer. 

More information of Spooky2 GeneratorX Kit can be found here:

If your budget is ok, you can take Spooky2 Plasma, which has plasma that can transmit up to 3.5MHz without a carrier. And the Plasma method was the original transmission mode used by Royal Rife to successfully treat 16 terminally ill cancer patients. 

More information of Spooky2 Plasma Kit can be found here:

You can check the differences among Spooky2 kits from the tables below:

Treatment Mode


If you also want to make colloidal silver by yourself, you can take the Colloidal Silver Kit to work with the generator from the kit.

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