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Only 5 minutes every day to boost your health. It’s a good news because you don’t have to totally change your life in order to improve your health. There are 13 easy ways to boost your health in just 5 minutes every day.

1. Gratitude Journal
Think of good things in your life. Take about only 5 minutes each day to focus on what you are grateful for and staying positive can effectively improve your overall health.

2. Stay Outdoor
Staying outdoors for as little as 5 minutes can bring huge benefits to your health. Vitamin D obtained from sun exposure can boost your immune system and bring excellent benefits to your body.

3. Meditation
5 minutes of meditation can help you to relax and keep a low-stress level. It can generally improve your respiratory issues and boost your energy from inside.

4. Meal Plan
Meal planning is a great way to boost your health. Better preparation can make you understand how to eat healthily. What’s more important is that when you have made a delicious meal at home you are less possible to eat outside.

5. Human Connection
Studies have shown that regular connection with other people can effectively reduce the risk of developing conditions, especially mental conditions. Taking at least 5 minutes every day to have a real-life conversation with other people is essential for our health.

6. Stop Sitting So Much
From time to time, having a 5 minutes break away from your chair can boost your health. Taking a break after a long period of sitting can effectively change your both mental and physical health and bring you more energy to work efficiently.

7. Drink Water
Maintaining hydrated is connected to our health. Make sure you have enough water every day in order to remove wastes and toxins through urination. Keeping our body cells hydrated can provide more energy for its daily operations.

8. Give Hugs
Hug someone you love and try to keep it as long as possible. Researches have shown that hugging can actually help to release oxytocin to your body and reduce anxiety and therefore enhance you a better mood.

9. Declutter
Decluttering regularly is able to provide health to your mind. Getting rid of those things that you no longer need in your life can help to lower both anxiety and stress level, and provide better sleep during the night.

10. Do Something Nice for Someone
It is very important to do something nice for someone. It may surprise you what they respond to you. Most importantly, doing something nice to someone can actually make you focus on good things in life, instead of a fast pace life. Slow down a bit and enjoy happiness in life.

11. Take the Stairs
Try to take stairs, not elevators. This is a decision that most people have to make. Try to make your body exercise as much as possible and you will see a significant change in your health.

12. Set a Bed Time
Keeping a regular routine for sleeping is essential to your body health. Our body has the ability to remember your daily sleeping time in order to manage body systems better. Staying up late is very harmful to your body, and some people believe it may even shorten your life.

13. Schedule Me Time
It is very necessary for people who live a rushing life to schedule “Me Time” every day. It can be a hot bath, watching a TV show alone, or even enjoying a meal alone if it brings you pleasure. It can greatly improve your mood and make you think more. This can also greatly reduce your inside anxiety and the risk of many related conditions.


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