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Book Sharing: Liaofan’s Four Lessons 4

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Dear Spooky2 friends,

How are you?

The hot winds of summer are leaving, but unfortunately, the pandemic is still raging around worldwide. Well, it is a good idea to stay at home, read some books, practice a new hobby, get up and do some daily exercise, instead of going around or putting yourself at high risk. Reading is a perfect way to kill some time and meanwhile, learn some new knowledge and broaden your view. At Spooky2, our staff and colleagues meet up every Tuesday to share a small passage of reading. And now, we would like to share a book with all of our Spooky2 friends. We welcome any thoughts and opinions after reading.

Foreword for Liaofan’s Four Lessons

Liaofan’s Four Lessons is a very special book for at least two reasons:

  1. It is short.
  2. It can change your life.

Very few books survive the passage of time. Fortunately, this one has; 500 years, and still counting. But why is this book so popular even today? Let us look at the history.

Yuan Liaofan wrote this book for his son in the early 1600s. The book explains what he had learned during his lifetime. It was never meant to be circulated worldwide, but it was accidentally discovered and subsequently distributed amongst friends. Now the book has been translated into multiple languages and spans the globe. The wisdom it contains is as relevant today as it was then. Perhaps more so, with modern life obscuring, distorting and diminishing real-life values.

The language in the book is simple, but the message is very important: you can define your own fate. Quite literally, this book can turn your life around if you adopt the necessary changes.

Liaofan had a chance encounter with a fortune-teller, who described in accurate detail his life until that day. The fortune-teller proved his accuracy and then dropped the bad news: Liaofan will die at the age of 53, without a son to continue the family lineage.

Liaofan decided there was no need to work hard. Why should he work hard to get promotions and wealth if he was going to start pushing up daisies at such an early age? What is the purpose of his life, apart from drinking and partying?

Liaofan then made some startling discoveries that changed his outlook on life and subsequently changed his destiny. Liaofan discovered that ill fortune is brought upon by the way you live your life, and destiny can be changed. Destiny is not carved in stone, permanent and unchanging.

Liaofan’s Four Lessons is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1: How to create your own destiny.
This chapter covers the fundamentals and explains the significance of good deeds.

Chapter 2: How to change your life fortune.
To change your life fortune, you must first reform your faults. To reform, you must know shame and fear, but also be determined and courageous. Your actions, reasonings and moral standards will collectively define your future.

Chapter 3: How to cultivate kindness.
Kindness is the expression of good deeds. In this chapter, the different types of goodness are discussed, and the merits of each are explained.

Chapter 4: The value of humility.
An arrogant person will see no need to self-improve, but a humble person will continuously strive to be better.

By adopting the lifestyle and attitude changes, Liaofan lived a happy and contented life. He wrote the book at the age of 69; 16 years after his destined expiry date.

If you read, understand, and follow the guidelines of this book, your life will become more rewarding and meaningful. Your journey to happiness and contentment begins on the next page.

John White

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  1. Absolutely love the contents and purity of these lessons. I this book available, other then in digital format?


    1. Hi, very happy that you can like this book we recommended. This book is very popular in China. If you do not like the digital format, maybe you can find this book on Amazon.

  2. Hi,

    To whom can we credit the translation of this version of the book?

    1. Dear friend, the translation was done by by He Yaqin. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

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