Using the \Shell (Empty) Presets\Spooky Cold Laser - JW Preset, you can wire your Cold Laser to Out 1, and the PEMF Coil to Out 2 and deliver frequencies using both methods at the same time.

WARNING: Do not use a boosted port. If the boost is wired to the generator, use the Out 1 and Out 2 pass through ports. Use of a boosted port with the laser can result in damage to the laser.

Do not try running both the Cold Laser and the PEMF Coil using the \Shell (Empty) Presets\Spooky Coil (XM Direct) - JW preset.

The Cold Laser requires a -100% offset. PEMF can run using both a negative offset and no offset.

Because the Cold Laser Preset is designed to drive the laser, it uses a -100% negative offset which can drive both.

However, since the PEMF coil is now polarized, ensure you use the side marked BN towards the body.

Additional notes regarding the PEMF Coil:

With the February 2017 release, the Spooky Coil (XM Direct) preset now uses sine waves, since the coil will distort other waveforms and may produce harmful voltage spikes when wired to a boosted port.

If you are using the PEMF Coil direct to Out 1 or Out 2, you can still use other waveforms because the voltage is lower.

Thanks for Jeff Kaczor