The general rules on frequency wobbles and feathering are: for something that’s non-living, the Harmonic Wobble setting should be None (e.g. metals, pollutants, toxins). We don’t wobble non-living things because they cannot mutate.

If it’s a living thing, and it belongs naturally in your body, the setting should also be None (e.g. normalise liver, relieve pain, stimulate immune system).This is because we’re usually applying precise entrainment frequencies which need to be steady.

If it’s a living thing, and it doesn’t belong naturally in your body, the Harmonic Wobble setting should be anything other than None.

This is because living things can mutate over time, thus changing their frequencies slightly, and you need to feather to catch those mutations (e.g. bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses).

Our research and observation has shown that +- .02% Feathering is generally best for Remote Mode, although there are also other excellent choices. So please feel free to experiment.

There are 2 kinds of wobble options in Spooky2. One is wobbling for only one frequency. Another is wobbling for all frequencies in a sequence.

For example, when you find a frequency very effective during treatment, and you want to hit it very hard, then you use the wobble button to make the frequency to hit either side and wobble around the current frequency. And by design, the program would stop progressing, and the button would also change to red.

But if you want to have the wobble feature applied to all the frequencies in the sequence, there is a wobble option in the settings tab, you can make the settings there.

Source: Page132 of Spooky2 User's Guide 20161004