Situation 1: No generators are detected.

Below are to detect whether it is operation, software or power adapter problem.
1. Did you connect the generator with PC and turn on the generator before opening Spooky2 software?
2. Did you successfully install CP2102 driver? Please check it in device manager. If it is not successfully installed, please re-install it.

3. Please change another USB power and power adapter and try again. Physical connection failure can cause detection problems.
4. If all answers are positive, it means your CP2102 hardware has failed. If your generator was purchased after year 2014, you can directly change a communication board, otherwise you may need to change a main board.

Please follow this video and see how to change communication board:  

If your generator still can't be detected after you change the communication board. Please unplug these white cables and plug them back to try again.If the generator still can't be detected, please send an email to

And please follow this video to see how to change the main board:

Situation 2: When you have more than one generator, some can be detected, and some not. (For example two out of three can be detected)

First thing to try is to shutdown everything and restart everything.
Then try swapping cables, to verify all the cables are OK.
Then try swapping USB ports, to verify all USB ports are OK.
Click on "System" and make sure the DDS Generators is not 2. Make it higher than the number of generators you have (For example if you have 4 generators), then quit and restart Spooky2.

Or go into Device Manager and see if there is any yellow exclamation mark which indicates failure in installing CP2102 drivers.

Another possibility is the failure of the USB hub you are using. Some users report that when the generators exceed a certain quantity, the USB hub is not able to provide enough power to detect all the generators. In this case, a higher quality USB hub is needed.

An easy way to check whether it is hub problem is to connect the generator which can not be detected directly through computer usb port.

Also, check out Keith's post about locked USB ports with the following post Windows Allocation of Com Port (Channel) Numbers.

If your CP2102 driver is successfully installed, please follow step 4 of situation 1.

Situation 3: The channel number in control tab is flashing red and there are errors in error tab.

This is a sign that Spooky2 is unable to communicate with the generator whose Channel button is flashing red. It’s usually related to Windows ineptitude.

If you are seeing 2 of your generators with flashing red, that means that at least one command did not make it to the generator.

To solve this problem, please check the below steps:
1.Shut down Spooky2.
2. Unplug the generator from the USB port.
3. Power on the generator.
4. Plug the generator back into the USB port. (Please connect Spooky2 xm generator with computer directly, no USB hub)
5. Wait for the generator to be recognized by the computer. You can confirm that it is seen by using Devices and Printers (quicker than device manager) located on the start menu.
6. Relaunch Spooky2.

Some users report success after reinstalling the latest version Spooky2 software and also CP2102 driver.

Thanks for Bryan Yamamoto and Chris Aguirre