People may wish to experiment with different frequencies. During the course of the experiment they may trial several hundred different frequencies. It is time-consuming to edit, save and subsequently reload a database program prior to each test.

It is possible to set Spooky to run at a user-defined frequency without the need to alter the database.

1. Search for and load Pause 1 Hour CUST.

2. Select Follow Out 1.

3. Let's say we wish to experiment with 121,200Hz. Make these settings for Out 2:
Out 2 - (Out 1 x 0) + 121200 with Hz unticked

4. Place a tick in the Swap Frequencies + Amplitudes for Out 1 and Out 2 box.

When you run the Channel, 121,200Hz will be transmitted on Out 1, and 0Hz on Out 2.

For August 2016 Software and above:

For July 2016 software and below: